12 most practical porch with 3 strokes to make it easy for you to learn

The entrance is the first main space to enter each room. From the moment the door was opened, the entrance was introduced, and the preconceived look and feel gave the first impression of the overall design style of the house. Therefore, it is especially important for the decorative techniques of the porch. In this issue, we introduce the 3 tips of the porch decoration, which will bring a different first impression to your home.

PART1: Increase brightness


Matching skills: bead curtain partition

With TIPS: instead of the curtain closed and the traditional porch space, the stylish bead curtain is flexible and interesting. The colorful bead curtains of various shapes are vivid and not rigid. The performance of different colors can also increase the brightness of the porch, making the porch look brighter from a small place.


Matching skills: white door frame separation

With TIPS: The white wall is an eternal means of bringing space and brightness to the space. The arched frame design at the entrance is just used as a space separation, plus the use of pure white, increasing the brightness of the entrance, making the entrance of the house look wide and bright.


Matching skills: eye-catching main body ceiling light

With TIPS: The entrance is often located at the entrance of the living room. The space is small and small, and the light source is unified to make the visual effects of the space more effective. A bright main center ceiling light in the narrow porch increases the brightness more clearly than the scattered light source.

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