18mm fir wood board fine art craftsman core board brand

The fine artisan brand is 18mm thick fir wood board, the core is made of high quality wood raw materials and imported equipment; the craft is fine, the board surface is flat; the core, the symmetrical layer veneers on both sides are the same thickness, the same tree species or material is similar species. The board is spliced ​​and the board of the same tree type is selected. The surface of the panel is smooth and the whole board or two boards are spliced ​​together. The board of the superior product and the first-class panel should be selected with similar colors and textures.

The core strip of the same blockboard should be of the same thickness, the same tree species or similar material. The ratio of the width and thickness of the blockboard core is not more than 3.5 times. The appearance quality, processing precision and physical mechanics of the fine artisan blockboard have reached the national standard of GB/T5849-2006 "Blockboard", and the formaldehyde emission should reach GB18580-2001 "Interior decoration materials and wood-based panels and products" The formaldehyde emission limit is required by the national mandatory standards.

More decorative and usable: The panel of the blockboard is made of precious natural wood, with unique color and original wood texture, which makes the decorative performance rich and colorful. At the same time, the blockboard products are large in size and easy to process, and can be processed according to the needs of the design.

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