3D printing brushless DC motor electronic product revolution

Nathan Matthews - Officially a Web developer in California, but a hardcore 3D printer player who has designed and manufactured a number of Delta, Core XY and Cartesian 3D printers . Recently, Matthews said that he was building a 2.8W, 245nm laser cutting & etching machine, but his other interesting project, the 3D printed brushless DC motor, caught our attention.

He said that he always wanted to make a motor, but until recently he got the tools and skills he needed and turned it into reality through CAD and 3D printing. Generally in home-made motors, the magnets are usually placed in the rotor part of the motor, which is what we call a brushless DC motor, which is typically 85-90% efficient, while brushed DC motors are only about 75-80%. s efficiency. In general, the lower the efficiency of the motor, the lower the output power, the lost energy is converted into heat, and the heat is generated.

Brushless DC motors are also commonly referred to as "electronically commutated motors." They are synchronous motors with DC power that generate AC signals through an integrated inverter or switching power supply to drive the motor.

“I was inspired by the video on the rotating motor, I think I can do it myself,” he wrote. "I didn't find a tutorial, but there are some videos, and if you look closely, you can get the details you need."

Matthews designed five arms for the rotor of the generator, with two magnets on each arm. All magnets face 'North', or outward. Ten coils alternately produce the power of "push" and "pull". He said that this design made him use only one AA battery to produce good results.

The designer designed the frame for his motor in SketchUp software and printed it on a custom CoreXY 3D printer using PLA material. He said that he set a low fill rate when printing motor parts, and he is not announcing the iteration improvement, so he did not publish the current STL file, but he did intend to share the design after the finalization.

According to Matthews, he spent "a few hours" completely manually wrapping all the coils - each coil was wrapped around 300 turns - and each coil was wrapped in a similar manner.

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