80, 90 after the favor of the overall wardrobe hardware accessories to buy more

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The overall wardrobe is healthy and environmentally friendly. It can be tailor-made, diverse in style and practical. It has been favored by more and more consumers, especially after 80 and 90. How much do you know about the overall wardrobe ? Today we have specially arranged the main hardware accessories for the whole wardrobe, I hope to help you with your purchase.

Common hardware for the whole wardrobe:

Wardrobe hardware

Overall wardrobe

1. Guide rail: The sliding door of the wardrobe and the guide rail of the drawer are grooves or ridges made of metal or other materials, which can withstand, fix, guide the wardrobe sliding door and reduce its friction. Longitudinal on the surface of the rail

2. Slot or ridge: used to guide and fix the pulley. It has a high load-bearing capacity and can easily slide under high load conditions.

3, handle: handles can be a variety of, the picture is a very traditional handle, common in Chinese furniture, in reality there are various styles, materials are also different, the picture is a copper handle.

4, hinge: hinge is our commonly known hinge, bears the important responsibility of connecting the cabinet and the door panel, in the usual use of hardware hinges in the wardrobe, the most tested is the hinge. Therefore, it is also one of the most important hardware of the cabinet.

5, pull basket: pull basket also has a rail structure, but because it is also a metal material, it is also classified as a hardware in the closet.

Whole wardrobe hardware purchase:

Overall wardrobe

Overall wardrobe

1, 掂 its weight

For products of the same specifications, if the quality is relatively heavy, the product density is high, the materials selected by the producer are relatively hard, and the quality is relatively guaranteed.

2, ask its brand

Select hardware to pay attention to distinguish the brand, do not easily believe that "German brand", "Italian brand", "American brand" ... and so on. At present, the most popular hardware accessories brands on the market include Hettich, blum, domestic Yajie, Huitailong, etc. The brand has high reputation and is trustworthy.

3, see its details

Pay attention to the details of the wardrobe hardware products, is it ordinary grease or silicone oil? Is the cabinet door straight after installation? Is the metal paint film surface smooth? From these details, it can be seen whether the product is excellent, thus confirming whether the quality of the wardrobe is good. Outstanding.

4, listen to its voice

The big brand's wardrobe and hardware used in hardware are almost always stamped and formed by cold-rolled steel. The handle is thick, the surface is smooth, the bearing capacity is strong, the wardrobe door is stretched freely, the door generally does not appear to slip out of the road, and some wardrobes The hardware has even achieved a silent effect in design. Inferior hardware is usually made of cheap metal such as thin iron, and the door is stretched and even raspy.

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