Application of AVA Video Application Service Cloud Platform in Teachers' "Micro Training"

With the progress of the modernization of education, many education bureaus and schools in China are paying more and more attention to teachers 'information technology skills, and paying more attention to the cultivation and improvement of teachers' information technology skills. For example, at the beginning of this year, Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province carried out a new revision of the original education information platform, focused on creating networked training centered on the education information platform, and proposed a "micro-training" model, computer assembly and maintenance, OFFICE , PHOTOSHOP (drawing), FLASH (animation), electronic whiteboard and subject integration training programs have been launched in order to improve teachers' technical skills.

The "micro-training" mode proposed by Gaoyou City under the network environment means that teachers watch micro-videos in the workplace or at home, and control the required operation exercises, which can easily complete a learning task in just 10 minutes, and then learn after a period of time. To reach the learning objective of a training project.

In response to this "micro-training" model, as well as various types of training and education using network video, the well-known domestic recording and broadcasting equipment manufacturer Guangzhou Aoweiya Technology (hereinafter referred to as AVA) launched a video application-based and practical The strong teaching video application service cloud platform allows teachers participating in "micro-training" to learn more autonomously and conveniently.


5 Experiences of Video Application Service Cloud Platform

As a high-quality video resource carrier and management application tool, the AVA teaching video application service cloud platform uses "cloud computing" as the technical support to centrally manage the high-quality teaching and training resources of the entire region. The teaching and training resources in the platform can be expanded indefinitely, and can be obtained at any time, on demand. It has the characteristics of ultra-large scale, virtualization, on-demand on-demand, and personalized services. These characteristics provide the most appropriate method of resource sharing, sharing, and co-management for the current uneven distribution of education and training resources with tight construction funds.


Schematic diagram of AVA quality education and training courses sharing

The platform has the functions of live broadcast of famous teachers and on-demand of famous courses. Learners can easily watch all kinds of high-quality teaching and training videos in the whole area through these functions. At the same time, through the AVA teaching video application service cloud platform, large-scale synchronous classroom interaction can also be carried out, and the process of the lecturer's lecture is realistically sent to the learner through the network. As long as the learners can access the Internet, they can join the class to listen to the class and participate in answering questions, breaking through the space limitation, allowing more people to hear more excellent training courses, and fully promoting the diversification of regional teaching and training resources.

The AVA teaching video application service cloud platform is not only suitable for the skill learning and training of teachers and white-collar workers, but also for the autonomous learning of students after class. This is not only reflected in the AVA teaching video application service cloud platform to promote the sharing of high-quality education and training videos, but also in that the platform also uses the first domestic virtual slicing technology.

AVA's virtual slicing technology automatically obtains the knowledge points in the recorded video through the recording and broadcasting system, and forms knowledge point fragments. It also supports text or voice evaluation slicing to achieve a close correlation between the slicing point and the video progress. In the AVA teaching video application service cloud platform, learners can easily complete the precise search of videos only through the search engine, which realizes the refined management of videos, and frees them from the trouble of constantly searching for knowledge points in the entire video. To make learners' "micro-training" more convenient and easy to operate. The technical innovation lies in that, while quickly locating the corresponding video clip according to knowledge points, the integrity of the video is preserved, and the operation can be completed without exiting the full-frequency playback of the video, and the friendly interface design is more in line with The needs of learners have greatly improved learners' independent and self-help personalized learning ability.

All in all, in the "micro-training" of teacher skills, the AVA teaching video application service cloud platform can help schools integrate and share high-quality education and training videos, while also greatly improving the efficiency of video learning and the diversified application of teaching resources. It can effectively improve teachers 'independent and self-help personalized learning ability outside working hours, which greatly promotes the balance of teachers' educational resources.

About AVA

Aoweiya Technology (referred to as "AVA") is one of the leading manufacturers in the global video and audio acquisition and transmission, image recognition and other fields. The main products include: recording and broadcasting systems, tracking systems, multimedia wiring panels and other audio and video acquisition and transmission equipment. With the company's strong technical force and high-quality and perfect service network, AVA products have spread all over the world and have been widely recognized by the industry. Many core technologies have become the industry standard.

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