Application of multi-function flue gas analyzer in cement industry

Application of multi-function flue gas analyzer in cement industry

Flue gas analyzer In the new dry process rotary kiln firing control, the flue gas analysis (NOx, CO, O2 and SO2 content) of the kiln tail feed chamber and C1 outlet of the preheater is extremely important "Eye", because the content of various gases in the flue gas can accurately reflect the firing temperature in the kiln, ventilation in the kiln, reaction atmosphere (generally required for oxidizing atmosphere) and other conditions.

1. The central control operator can add or subtract coal based on the NOx (characteristic of firing temperature in the kiln) content of the feed chamber, and determine the ventilation status in the kiln by the CO and O2 content, and can increase or decrease the main exhaust fan at the end of the kiln Rotating speed or opening and closing of the air duct gate opening and closing can adjust the ventilation status in the kiln. The kiln condition can also be adjusted in time according to the content of SO2 to prevent excessive kiln crust. The content of these gases is more important for the operation of the kiln, especially when the kiln conditions fluctuate, these data are particularly important for the kiln operator to make accurate judgments. Our company originally configured an offline gas analyzer in the feed room. Due to the high frequency of use, it is often damaged or the measured data is inaccurate (drift, calibration required), which sometimes misleads inexperienced operators. Affect the operation of the kiln. In order to grasp the status of the kiln timely and accurately, our company later purchased a portable J2KN flue gas analyzer to measure the content of various gases in the kiln and preheater system, and often with the existing offline gas analyzer. The measured data are compared to provide accurate parameters for the kiln operator, make accurate judgments on the kiln condition, timely adjust the wind, coal, material and speed, stabilize the operation of the kiln, and give our firing system It can provide effective guarantee for high output, low consumption, high quality and long-term safe operation.

2. It is also used to measure the CO and O2 at the outlet of the preheater C1 to determine whether the O2 in the calciner can ensure that the coal powder is completely burned in the calciner, and whether the preheater system pulls too much wind, causing the firing system Increased heat consumption.

3. Our company uses a flue gas analyzer to measure and calibrate the whole raw meal grinding system and clinker firing system every week:

1) Raw meal grinding system: measuring the O2 content at the outlet of the preheating machine, the O2 content at the import of the raw meal mill, the O2 content at the outlet of the raw meal mill, the O2 content at the outlet of the raw meal dust collector and the system air volume, and judging the entire raw meal powder through the above data The air leakage of the mill system can stop the leakage in time. The air leakage not only affects the output of raw materials but also wastes electricity, which is not conducive to economic production.

2) b. Sintering system: calibrate the gas analyzer of the C1 outlet of the preheater and the feed chamber to provide timely and accurate information for the sintering; measure the air volume at the C1 outlet to determine the system's wind pulling status. ; Measure the air volume of the cooler outlet system to see the operating conditions of the cooler system

Summary: The flue gas analyzer is an indispensable instrument and equipment for cement plants. It provides a powerful guarantee for the operation of the entire production line. Its economic benefits are also huge, far exceeding its own value.

J2KN flue gas analyzer is not only stable in performance and good in accuracy, but also has wireless remote control operation function. Its design is more user-friendly and it is our preferred measurement tool for cement industry monitoring.

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