Automated assembly inspection robot technology enhances the competitiveness of auto parts

Robots and their automation equipments have become highly valued high-tech application fields at home and abroad. It refers to a large-scale automated production line formed by connecting all equipment together with robot as the core and information technology and network technology as the medium. It is an important means to develop advanced manufacturing technology to realize the digitization, networking and intelligence of production lines.

Xinsong Company uses modern control theory, integrated technology and information technology to achieve full automation of production process assembly, inspection, control, clamping, positioning, gluing, screwing and fixing. It can provide automatic assembly and testing production lines for automobile door locks, automobile engines, automobile exhaust gas purifiers, automobile airbags and automobile stamping production lines for automobile manufacturers. In particular, it has special advantages in the automatic stamping of automobile cover parts, the assembly inspection and special equipment of automobile engines, the assembly inspection and special equipment of automobile parts, the assisting manipulators, and logistics transportation. Xinsong Company has applied many new technologies, adopted the assembly work completed by circulating flow operation, and various forms of conveying devices and methods, which greatly improved the running speed and efficiency of the production line. It has opened up new application areas and development space for the promotion of industrial automation technology and the advancement of the automobile industry. Provide economical and applicable automation solutions for the actual application of the enterprise.

The modern automobile manufacturing industry continues to develop in the direction of "on-time" and "lean production", which puts forward higher requirements for the ability of the equipment to respond quickly, flexible, integrated and multi-tasking. Based on customers, constantly innovating technology, and providing customers with excellent quality and diversified products and services is the core competitiveness of Xinsong Robot. As the industry's leading robot brand, Xinsong will continue to strengthen its leading position in the field of automotive manufacturing. With the advantages of technology and product performance, it will continue to open up new markets and develop new areas to fully assist the intelligentization of automotive manufacturing equipment.

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