Automatic control principle of decanter centrifuge in laboratory

The key equipment of the sludge dewatering system is the sludge dewatering main machine, which is called decanter centrifuge, and it is the equipment that separates the suspension by the principle of centrifugal sedimentation. This type of centrifuge is suitable for liquid-solid separation of various suspensions with solid phase particle equivalent diameter ≥3um, weight concentration ratio ≤10% or volume concentration ratio ≤70%, and liquid-solid density difference ≥0.05g / cm3.

The decanter centrifuge generally has several specifications such as LW220, LW350, LW400, LW450, LW530, LW650, etc. The rotor structure is divided into cocurrent, countercurrent, composite spiral, bidirectional extrusion and other forms, and the application has concentration and dehydration , Classification, clarification and other models, so it can be widely adapted to different separation requirements.

The automatic electrical control system is composed of a separation host, feed pump, dosing pump, dilution water pump, PLC control and related electrical component control box, and PC industrial control computer.

The main functions are as follows:

(1) The control system has two working conditions: manual control and automatic control: in the manual control state, the system parameter adjustment and setting can be made during operation; in the automatic control state, the system parameter settings are adjusted, the feed The flow rate and dosage of the pump are controlled by the concentration meter in the conditioning tank. The dosage and dilution water volume are controlled fuzzyly according to the turbidity of the separation liquid of the separator. The control system is an intelligent automatic control process;

(2) With interlocking function of sludge feeding system, dosing and dispensing system and separation host;

(3) Status monitoring data display and printing reports with various operating parameters of the system;

(4) Various overload protection and fault alarm displays;

(5) The PC industrial computer can implement the operation status monitoring of the central control room and the start and stop functions of the system;

(6) PC industrial control computer, implement multiple sets of joint control;

(7) Status monitoring and display of parameters such as current, voltage, flow rate, host speed, differential speed, pushing torque, liquid level, running cumulative time, temperature, etc .;

(8) Dynamic picture display with each unit;

(9) The control system is fully automatic controlled by PLC, and the dynamic screen display and output data of PC industrial control computer makes the system implement intelligent automatic operation in operation, which is an ideal turnkey project.

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