Basic knowledge of scientific veneer

Most furniture companies believe that technology veneers are not native wood, but what they are, they are not clear, or simply called "artificial veneer." Some companies further speculate that the technical veneer may be furniture or decorative finishing materials made from chemical raw materials. Of course, there are also some furniture companies that have a comprehensive understanding of technical veneer and have applied it in production and obtained huge economic benefits. However, it is still necessary for the scientific and technological veneer to be widely recognized by the furniture industry. Many misunderstandings about science and technology wood lack a factual basis and are misunderstandings in understanding. In fact, the technology veneer is native wood.

According to a comprehensive survey, there are three main reasons why furniture companies have different misinterpretations of technological veneers.

First of all, there are more and more furniture manufacturing enterprises that use science and technology veneer for furniture veneer materials in China. As the science and technology veneer receives much attention, the question will naturally increase accordingly.

In addition, the technical veneer is processed by the second deep processing of the original wood, the process is complicated, the general enterprise does not understand, and the guessing naturally increases.

Finally, the term “technical veneer” does not accurately express the essence of the product and is prone to misunderstanding.

In foreign countries, “technical wood” is often referred to as “beautified wood”, “reorganized wood” or “combined wood”. It was first introduced in Italy and the United Kingdom in 1965, and is often referred to as “technical wood” in China. Although the names at home and abroad are different, they all describe the same product. The science and technology wood is mainly made of natural ordinary wood or artificially planted fast-growing forest. It is processed and processed, similar to natural precious veneer, and some special textures and colors are designed according to the demand, still from the original wood veneer.

The scientific veneer processed from the original wood is used for furniture production. It not only saves money, saves time and saves trouble, but also increases the range of options. The freedom of furniture design and production increases, and the competitiveness of the product is enhanced. .

In the natural growth process of native wood, due to climate, geography, tree species, etc., the defects of defects and performance are unavoidable. The texture structure and color are not completely in line with the needs of the product. The technical veneer corrects the natural flaws of the native wood and makes up for the native The performance defects of veneer are visible. The emergence of technological veneer is a very big contribution to the furniture manufacturing industry.

Since the technology veneer uses chemical aids such as dyes and adhesives, many companies are worried about their environmental problems. For more than three decades, economically developed regions such as the European Union or countries have used it as a veneer for furniture. There is no debate about whether it is environmentally friendly. On the contrary, it replaces the natural native veneer and protects the human environment.

There are also companies that worry about the market's approval rate. It is understood that the technology veneer is not only the most cost-effective, in the high-end furniture, the price of the technology veneer is also the highest, so regardless of the production of high, medium and low-end furniture products, or different styles of products, you can rest assured to use.

Since the technical veneer is also made of native wood, it is not too obvious from the original veneer. The objective demand of the market and the excellent performance of the technical veneer are the matters that the enterprise really needs to pay attention to.

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