Beware of "little tricks" in food labels

Food labels are an important channel for consumers to obtain food quality information. The industry and commerce departments have found that some companies use their food production dates and labels to create traps and traps. Mainly in:

The date of food production is free to write. Do not mark the production date and shelf life, or mark or tamper with the production date in advance.

Labeling is not standardized. In some supermarkets, appearance can be seen everywhere, but only products with no factory address in their place of origin, or product price labels indicate that the production address is not in strict accordance with the product packaging address.

Deliberately conceal the real component. The unscrupulous operator usually adopts the method of claiming to be a “natural product without preservatives” on the label of food, but the actual situation is the opposite; the other situation is through deliberately concealing the content of “the subject is not marked”. Blind consumers. The industry and commerce department reminded consumers: Pay attention to the date of production or expiration date on the food packaging; carefully check the food label “must mark content”; when purchasing special foods such as green foods, special nutritious foods, etc., you should maintain a rational consumption mentality; Those who want to increase their awareness of preventing and resisting counterfeit foods are not confused by the appearance of attractive foods.

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