Brightness contrast type in color series

After two or more hues are combined, the color contrast effect formed due to the difference in brightness is called brightness contrast. It is an important aspect of color contrast and is the key to determining whether a color scheme feels crisp, clear, boring, soft, strong, or not.
The contrast depends on the color difference level in the brightness and so on, usually 1-3 as a low brightness area, 8-10 as a high brightness area, 4-7 as a medium brightness area. (Figure) When selecting colors to be combined, when the distance between the base color and the contrast color is 5 or more, it is called long (strong) contrast, 3 to 5 is called middle contrast, and 1 to 2 is called Short (weak) contrast. Based on this, it can be divided into nine basic types of brightness contrast.
(1) High and long tone, such as 10:8:1, etc., of which 10 are shallow-based color, the area should be large, 8 is light with color, the area is larger, 1 is dark contrasting color, the area should be small. The adjustment is dark and contrasty, feeling stimulating, lively, active, lively and strong.
(2) High school tune up to 10:8:5, etc. The tune is dark and moderate, feeling bright, pleasant, clear, vivid, and stable.
(3) High-short tune, such as 10:8:7. The tune is dark and the image is indiscriminate. It feels elegant, light, soft, noble, weak, sly and feminine.
(4) Middle tones such as 4:6:10 or 7:6:1, etc., the tone is based on the tone of the Ming Dynasty, with the color, with light or dark contrast, feeling tough, stable and vivid, male Change.
(5) The medium and middle notes such as 4:6:8 or 7:6:3 are equal.
(6) Short-term adjustments such as 4:5:6 and so on, the adjustment is a weak contrast between the Chinese and the Ming, feeling subtle, flat, and fuzzy.
(7) Low tone, such as 1:3:10. The tone is dark and contrasting. It feels majestic, deep, alert, and explosive.
(8) The low-middle note, such as 1:3:6, is dark and contrasting, feeling conservative, heavy, simple, and masculine.
(9) Low-pitched tune, such as 1:3:4. The tune is dark and contrasty, feeling gloomy, melancholic, mysterious, lonely, and horrible.
In addition, there is a strongest contrast 1:10 longest tone, feeling strong, simple, stiff, sharp, dazzling and so on.

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