Built-in RFID packaging

Rexam announced the launch of a new container with built-in RFID for the pharmaceutical industry.

As a well-known prescription drug packaging supplier, Rexam produces a wide range of tablet jars, anti-theft and child-resistant closures.

Based on these professional technologies, Rexam has developed a plastic medicine bottle with built-in RFID. This bottle has full RFID capabilities, meets FDA recommendations, and meets requirements for full traceability and anti-counterfeiting in the life cycle.

The new medicine bottle adopts a patented technology and is produced at Rexion's manufacturing plant that meets cGMP requirements. This new bottle makes RFID tags more reliable and features even more powerful. The integration of RFID tags on vials allows for traceability from the beginning of the entire production process. Pharmaceutical companies no longer have to ask other suppliers to provide RFID tags because Rexam has done this.

This solution from Rexam is also very flexible. It can adapt to different needs such as frequency. Traxxex, a senior partner of Rexam, is responsible for providing complete RFID implementation support services and solutions for pharmaceutical companies.

Reprinted from: Huayin Media

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