Carton pressure testing machine standard

First, product use

The original intention of the carton compressive tester was to test the compressive strength of the carton to prevent the occurrence of unfavorable phenomena such as deformation and damage of the product during use, handling, stacking, storage, and transportation due to insufficient strength of the carton.

Second, technical parameters

Model: AS-PCC-Capacity

Capacity options 2ton, 5ton optional

Unit Kgf/N switch

Decomposition 1/10000

Accuracy within ±1%

Test space 12001200X1000 or specified

Cross arm motor 1/2HP

Hydraulic Motor 1HP

Compression speed stepless speed (usually 10±3mm/min)

Volume (W×D×H) Host 150×122×210cm Control Box 115×64×135

Weight host 1043kg Control box 240kg

Power supply 3 phase, AC380V, 2.7A/415V, 2.1A

Third, the product description

AS-PCC-capacity microcomputer carton compressive strength testing machine is a multifunctional carton quality inspection equipment developed by our company. It is mainly used for the compressive strength test of various small corrugated boxes or the compressive strength of other materials made of less than Testing and testing of compressive strength of full containers for 10KN packaging containers. This instrument has high control precision and advanced research technology. It is the most cost-effective carton compression tester in China.

This tester has the functions of testing, displaying, memorizing, statistics and printing of various parameters included in the standard. With data processing capabilities, can be directly derived

1) Strength test: The maximum pressure and displacement of the box can be measured;

2) Fixed value test: The overall performance of the box can be detected according to the set pressure and displacement, and the necessary test data can be provided for the design and selection of the box.

3) Stacking test: According to the requirements of national standards, it can carry out stacking tests under different conditions such as 12 hours and 24 hours.

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