Color tone screen printing manuscript selection

(1) Problems with the original

With the promotion of the application of trichromatic fluorescent inks, products with color tone Screen Printing on various types of textiles have been increasingly welcomed by consumers. Whether it is foreign trade processing and ordering, or domestic market sales, it is used to embody the art of Chinese painting, oil painting, and gouache. It is used to embellish the curtains, bed sheets, bedspreads, and drapes that are used to decorate the beauty. It is used to represent the tops, skirts, shoes, caps, and cultural shirts for clothing. And so on, there have been a fine pattern of color tone screen printing products. With their high quality, low price and rich cultural connotation, they quickly occupy the market and beautify people's lives. However, in the market, you can often see another kind of color tone screen printing products. Some are full of moire, some have no level changes, and some are even confused, making people feel very uncomfortable. There are several reasons for these phenomena.

1 The producer of the product does not really understand the basic principles of color-graded printing. It cannot theoretically explain the causes of problems in the production process, and it is even more difficult to solve them in practice.

2 There are not enough understandings on the particularities of the textile color screen printing process such as: selection of drafts, color screening, screen printing, printing and ink selection, resulting in mistakes in one aspect and low product quality.

(2) Selection of manuscripts

Continuously tuned originals perform best when compared to halftone originals. Continuously tuned manuscripts are handmade paintings or color photographs, which truly reproduce the author's creative intent when light is dark and shades of light are used. In the process of color separation and screen printing using this as a manuscript, although some layers will inevitably be lost, it will generally not exceed the resolving power of the human eye. Therefore, the replicas we see can basically achieve the restoration of manuscripts. effect. The halftone manuscript itself is a copy of dot-screened dot-screening. Compared with tone-graded manuscripts, it has lost some of the layers and added an Internet point. When copying again, it will not only lose some layers, but also its outlets. Arrangement will more or less affect the new screening effect, and even form interference, so that color separation Yang pictures appear moire, affecting product replication.

Compared with reflective drafts in continuous-tone manuscripts, transmissive manuscripts are characterized by natural colors, and the density and contrast of the bright and dark NJs are well suited for the color filter effect of color separation. It is easier to obtain high quality Yang pictures.

Through the above analysis and comparison, it can be concluded that in the selection of manuscripts, the effect of successively adjusting the transmitted text is best. That is to say, in the case of using color tone screen printing, only the best manuscript can be selected to master the quality of the reproduced product. factor.

In addition, you should choose those bright color, clear, crisp, neat, no dirt, no wrinkle patterns, beginners can do landscape products, there is a certain basis after the characters (avatar) pattern products. When choosing pictorials or photo manuscripts, you should pay attention to the pattern with higher network lines (175 lines or more), which is beneficial to the reproduction and restoration of products. If the original network cable is less than 150 lines, it is best not to use it.

Also, it is necessary to investigate the consumer market and study consumer psychology. The manuscript chosen should be suitable for contemporary people's aesthetic pursuits from composition and color. For example, the patterns on the cultural shirts that young people love to wear are necessary to study what is new and what young people worship.

Source: Global Textile Network

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