Comfortable and stylish SEA TO SUMMIT sleeping bag

For outdoor enthusiasts, the sleeping bag is a very important piece of equipment, he is your competent partner in the dark and cold night. The variety of styles on the market is really dazzling for friends. Choosing a sleeping bag that suits you is a headache for many friends. Today, Xiaobian is the key to introduce the SEA TO SUMMIT European goose down Traverse series of top down sleeping bags, let's take a look at this sleeping bag with Xiaobian!

The Traverse series is the most widely used sleeping bag in all SEA TO SUMMIT sleeping bags. The ultra-light weight of 1025g is very portable. The head pocket of this sleeping bag is slightly larger, with a double-adjustable headband drawstring (placed deep in the down), and the super-comfort makes you no longer have a headache in the outdoors.

The 3-dimensional tapered shape that fits the footsteps, combined with the independent step zippers, changes outwards and forwards in a cone shape, effectively adjusting the temperature, and the winter cold season is no longer afraid of the outdoor cold wind affecting the quality of sleep.

The high-end sails of the 210D polyester tough competition are arranged in an orderly arrangement of strips and linings. They are lightweight and durable. They also effectively prevent loose fabrics from coming out and hinder the opening and closing of the zipper.

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