Details determine everything: Nongfu Springs cap wins

The details determine everything. Bottled water bottle packaging will be able to illustrate this issue. In the bottled water market where homogeneity is severe, the health, convenience, and safety of mineral water bottle packaging will enable the product to win in the fierce competition and win the trust of consumers. . The following example is the content of a consumer blog that the author diverted from the Internet. It precisely reflects the above viewpoint:

“Because there are few people in the family and they are worried about the secondary pollution of the drinking fountains, we use 1 gallon of bottled water. We have just started to use a few brands, such as Yanzhong, Zhengguang, and Yanquan, special full, Sbucklin, Nestle, etc. In the end, the first priority is Nongfu Spring, which is not a good brand, nor is it good water, nor is it because of cheapness, mainly because the bottle cap is good. The lid has a rim, which is easy to open; after opening, it is re-covered. Sealing; the internal sealed plastic film is easier to open, even for the elderly and children. In addition, the handle is very smooth, easy to grip; many supermarkets have purchases, etc. is also the reason why Nongfu Spring is used. Yanzhong's lid has similar advantages, The second choice is only for nearby supermarkets."

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