Environmentally friendly material negative ion fiber can be used in cloth toys

Negative ion and far-infrared composite functional fibers are the latest generation of environmentally friendly fibers. Negative ions are called “air vitamins”. Through the action of minerals embedded in the functional fibers, the surface of the fibers produces negative ions that have health benefits for the human body. Negative ion emission function, adjust the air quality of the surrounding environment; strong biological wave emission function, promote blood circulation, prevent human aging and premature aging; long-lasting antibacterial and bactericidal performance, not only can kill bacteria harmful to the human body, and not harm the human body; Excellent deodorizing performance, remove odor, maintain a good living space; superior interfacial activity, can save the amount of detergent, and contribute to the purification of the environment; have a good anti-static effect, so that negative ion functional products can In a number of special places and other functions and effects. It is the latest development of functional products in the textile fiber industry.

Because negative ion fiber has the function of releasing negative ions, emitting far infrared rays, good adsorption function, supplementing trace elements and anti-inflammatory, sterilization and deodorization, it has broad development prospects in textiles, especially on textiles that people wear. There is a good application prospect, the application of negative ion far infrared composite functional fiber is as follows:

1, made of high-end clothing

Since the negative ion functional fiber can release negative ions, and the presence of negative ions gives a fresh and comfortable feeling, it can be made into high-grade summer T-shirts, high-grade clothing fabrics, shirts, underwear, etc., and the fabric woven with negative ion functional fibers is comfortable to wear. It has no static electricity, good drape, soft hand feeling, moisture absorption and breathable, and bright dyeing. Therefore, negative ion functional fiber is an ideal raw material for the development of high-tech health textile clothing. The current Aner-shun negative ion high-end underwear is now available. Sales.

2, indoor products

The negative ion functional fiber is made into indoor products, such as bedding, sofa cloth, curtains, etc. It is used to purify the air, eliminate various harmful gases in the room, and create a forest atmosphere and kill bacteria in the environment where people live. People feel comfortable, relax, help the body to eliminate fatigue, restore energy and help the body sleep.

3, decorative cloth

Negative ion functional fiber can be used to make a variety of decorative fabrics, such as: automotive interior cloth, cloth, curtains, cloth screens, etc., in the car can eliminate odor, improve the air quality inside the car, kill harmful bacteria, increase the rider's Comfort. Eliminate the fatigue of the rider and restore energy. Especially as a bag cloth can effectively inhibit the activities of bacteria and viruses, release negative ions, remove odor and increase fresh air.

4. Medical textiles

Due to the anti-inflammatory, sterilization, deodorization, far-infrared and adsorption functions of negative ion functional fibers, it can be used in medical dressing gauze, doctor's overalls and patients, bedding, which can reduce wound infection, treatment and prevention. A variety of skin diseases, eliminating all kinds of diseases caused by poor microcirculation, can effectively inhibit the activity of bacteria and viruses, reduce the infection rate of hospital patients and patients, patients and doctors, doctors and doctors, etc. The patient's resistance is conducive to the treatment of the disease.

5, toys and other textiles

The unique function of negative ion functional fiber can be widely used in cushions, cushions, hand towels, towels and some textile fabrics, etc. to increase the function of its products, improve the grade and added value of its products, and improve the competitiveness of products.

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