Fitness is too tired? Take a break! Don't ruin your body


1, one day, a fitness coach met a weight-loss player, horrified: thin! Male team happy: yes? Coach æ›°: clothes. Male player. . .

2, the coach to the new fitness MM to demonstrate the use of a variety of fitness equipment, one of which is to practice the back muscles of the rubber band. MM suddenly popped up a sentence: "Do you come here every night to pimp?"

3, my girlfriend forced me to report to the fitness center next to my home last month, so I swim every day to eat muscle powder. Now the figure is getting better. Today, my girlfriend told me that I am going to study in the United States soon... I didn’t tell me in advance, I asked her if you left me after I left, and my girlfriend said faintly: After the tree, let's take a cool..."

4, "Dear, I will go to buy a broccoli tomorrow to go to the gym, life is healthy and green!!" "Do you know why?" "Why?" "Because broccoli is green." . . . "

5, the beauty stayed at the hotel for one night when the bill was settled at 800 yuan, she complained too expensive. The manager said that this is a standard charge and the hotel has a swimming pool, gym and wifi. The beauty said that she did not use it at all. The manager said that the hotel had provided it. She did not need it. The female guest opened the purse and paid for the bill, but said that she had to deduct the manager’s 700 yuan for her spending with the spring, only to take out 100 yuan. The manager yelled "Where can I!!" Female guest: "I have provided it, you don't need it yourself."

6, crowded bus is a comprehensive sports including Sanda, yoga, judo, balance beam and other sports and fitness projects.

7, the dog is the dog, the skinny is you... slimming new trend: walking the dog twice a day, each time an average of 20 minutes, the time spent is no less than going to the gym to exercise, of course, before walking the dog, eat some energy bar is even more All right. When you are run by a dog, the exercise intensity is not much worse than in the gym.

8. One person signed up for a weight loss training class yesterday. They asked him to wear loose clothes during training. He said loudly: I have this reason! If there are loose clothes, why am I still signing up??

9, Wang Hao bought a home fitness device, but in a few days, fresh energy, the fitness device was left aside. One day, when the family came to the guest, Wang Xiao’s young daughter took the guests to visit the house. She pointed to the fitness machine and said, “That is my mother’s sports equipment. Everyone is not allowed to touch it.” The guest asked: “Why are you doing this? Say?” The little daughter said seriously: “Even my mom doesn’t touch it.”

10. I lay on the bench under the barbell and watched the TV on the treadmill, ready to start fitness. Always do some stretching exercises, stretch your arms up, and stretch your legs down. It’s as comfortable as stretching. Then I fell asleep.

11, a brother is savvy, after smashing eight and said: come one. I thought to myself: Then you will have another embarrassment. He also said: Come one by one. The viewer’s painful expression at this time only knew that it was called personal help.

12. The husband took the “May 1st” fee paid by the unit. After returning home, he handed it over to his wife and grandmother. The wife took the money and said, “Let’s go,” said the point: “Just this? Raise your hand. Come, let me search, leave no small treasury?" The husband smiled and smiled, while raising his hands, let his wife squat in his pants. At this time, the husband’s father suddenly pushed in. The husband quickly put his hand down and smiled slyly. His wife was busy explaining: “Dad, I just learned aerobics recently. No, I am teaching him, Dad. Or do you want to learn?" The old man opened his mouth and smiled slyly and said, "Don't learn, I learned it 30 years ago, or what my mother taught!"

13, the man chased the bus all the way to home did not catch up, after returning to his wife said that he did not catch the bus, but also, when fitness, but also earned 1 yuan wife was angry at the time, you are stupid, want Chasing also chasing taxis, at least earning a starting price.

14. A fat man begged the doctor after the medical examination: "Doctor, I don't want to lose weight. I really can't stand the rules of so many dieting." The doctor replied: "No problem, I suggest you buy a fitness machine." The patient asked: "Too good. What fitness machine?" The doctor smiled and said: "Retractor. According to your weight standard, you should increase the height by 20 cm."

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