High-efficiency and low-cost curved offset printing technology

Surface printing technology was first applied to plastic cups, hoses, boxes, barrels, injection molding or blister-molding directly printed on the surface in China. It is widely used in advertising cups, yogurt cups, beer mugs, aviation cups, ice cream cups, noodle bowls, and fast Food containers, juice cups, cream boxes, cosmetics, ice cream buckets. At present, the main methods in the field of surface packaging and printing are: pad printing, screen printing, thermal transfer, in-mold labeling, heat shrinkable film, curved offset printing technology and the same type of printing and packaging technology, with high speed, low printing cost Accurate printing is widely welcomed by manufacturers in Europe and the United States.

Calculated with a plastic cup with a length of 22cm and a height of 10cm, curved offset printing can produce 24,000 per hour. Pad printing, screen printing, thermal transfer, in-mold labeling, and heat-shrinking film can also be realized. The packaging effect produced is inferior to the thermal transfer, in-mold labeling, and heat shrinkage molds. Because curved offset printing can achieve up to 120 screen lines. However, comparing the printing patterns of 175 network cables and 120 network cables, it is difficult for the average consumer to distinguish the subtle differences between the printing effects.

The offset printing cost of surface offset printing is much lower than that of other surface packaging printing methods. It is only compared with a 22cm×10cm heat shrinkable film, but the processing and printing are completed without shrinking on the surface of the product, and the cost is not lower than RMB0.04. If thermal transfer or in-mold labeling is used, the cost will be higher (we don't need to calculate this yet; other costs such as printing fees, die-cutting losses, etc.). For factories that need these packaging products, curved offset printing will make Reduce the cost of packaging by at least 30%. At the same time, the production efficiency of curved offset printing is also the highest among other curved printing methods. This is an indisputable fact.

At present, the application of surface offset printing technology in the Chinese market is limited by the influence of many factors, and it only stays in the monochromatic block and the gradient of simple networks. This has yet to be improved by technology.

The market development that can be expected in the future:

1. Sports field and large-scale games industry: The number of sports events held in China is second only to the United States. Only Shanghai's F1 box office has exceeded 300 million! Every day, there are 200,000 visitors to the audience. However, the development of the matching beverage advertisement cup market has not yet started. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is a huge business opportunity. The market opportunities for drinking cups cannot be expressed with any data.

2. Theater System: In 2004, the box office revenue of China’s cinemas reached RMB 1.5 billion, and 1,400 computer network theaters have been established nationwide, an increase of 60% over the same period in 2003, and 35 sets of 162 sets of digital cinemas in China. Second only to the United States, the audience reached but the supporting industry's advertising output value was only 0.6% of the United States. Pepsi, Coca-Cola participated in the advertising sponsorship of many films, and only the advertising cup market in the Chinese market has not yet started.

3, carbonated drinks plastic cup: In 2004, Pepsi sales in China reached 2 billion, Coca-Cola sales in China reached 3.2 billion, the same, the advertising cup market has not yet started.

4. The KFC and McDonald's have launched the 2008 Olympic Games Special Project Team in March this year. The KFC and McDonald's advertising cup market will develop at a very fast pace in the next few years (we have already been able to import US BERRY through March. The excellent sales results produced by the NBA Superstar Memorial Cup have come to an answer.)

5. Instant Noodles and Convenient Food Market: China is currently the world’s largest consumer of instant noodles, and the only company in the world that is only 20 kilometers away from REX is Japan’s Nisshin Corp. Currently, the packaging still needs to be purchased from Zhejiang and Guangdong. The monthly demand is also 2 million.

Reprinted from: China Labeling and Labeling

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