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Super comfortable feeling HIGH2OUT

More than 120% breathability

Xinbaoshi HIGH2OUT is a compound of Xinbaoshi film and super absorbent layer. It can quickly absorb the liquid sweat produced under the intense movement of the human body and quickly vaporize the gaseous sweat, thereby accelerating the dry process and providing the wearer with super comfort, especially in the intense sports.

The latest research results show that the new fitness high2out compared with the conventional film fabric, has significantly improved the comfort. Independent research results confirm that the technology performs very well in thermal physiology whether it is used in thin films or finished shoes. Basic indices such as temperature and relative humidity are all lower than the reference value. For example, the internal temperature can be maintained at a green temperature of 28 to 32 degrees Celsius even during vigorous exercise. In addition, the humidity of the foot can still be controlled below 55% under long-term exercise. This means that the skin can be kept dry, free of dermatological irritations and blisters.

Xin Bao Shi HIGH2OUT can be used on 100% waterproof clothes, but also on special windproof products. A deep study conducted by the TNO Institute found that the shoes that use the New Health Fitness HIGH2OUT material have the same moisture permeability and breathability as the shoes without the film.

The perfect feeling of the wearer - scientific proof

Waterproof fabrics, if they can effectively evaporate moisture, can provide the wearer with ideal wearing comfort. The Hohenstein Institute investigated the moisture transmission properties of a variety of waterproof materials on skin samples and in climate laboratories. The results confirm that Sympatex cooperates with each other to achieve optimal moisture conduction and wear comfort. All provide the best solution.

1. As a close-fitting garment, 100% Polyester's functional body-friendly fabric can quickly transfer moisture from the skin to the functional system. The quick-drying properties of this fabric ensure that it is comfortable to wear.

2. Xinbao Shi's patented H2GH2OUT water-absorbent material can quickly absorb the body's moisture and quickly spread on the surface, allowing it to be transferred to the film layer in a larger area, and further transferred to the outside, the clothing can also be faster and more dry . In strenuous sports, the effect of the three-layer fabric structure will be more effective.

3. The non-porous neo-protective film achieves high breathability through thousands of hydrophilic molecules in its waterproof structure. These molecules can capture water vapor molecules from the inner absorbent layer and quickly discharge them to the outside through the membrane. One of the significant advantages of Xinbao Shi is its powerful functionality - the more sweat it has, or the more moisture it waits for, the faster and more effective its perspiration system, so it can be said that Sympatex is a very smart fabric.

Comparison of SYMPATEX HIGH2OUT with conventional film systems (from inside to outside)
Four reasons to choose the new protection suitable HIGH2OUT:

New Health Fitness HIGH2OUT has more than 120% breathability over traditional products. Xin Bao Shi HIGH2OUT can quickly absorb sweat into the jacket layer, so that the sweat spread in a large area, easy to quickly pass through the film moisture protection new high2out can reduce the accumulation of heat in the body to prevent the jacket from getting wet, therefore, greatly Improve the comfort of the clothes. New Health Fitness HIGH2OUT supports natural body temperature regulation both during exercise and in peacetime.

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