Hot stamping machine operating points and production process

First, check before starting

1, the condition of the machine and the quality of the product

(1). First check the process of the last shift, whether the machine operation is in a normal state, whether there is an abnormal situation, and the treatment measures and methods of the abnormal situation.

(2). Check the product quality of the previous shift. Check whether the product quality of the previous class meets the quality requirements and whether there are waste products and defective products. Whether waste, defective products and qualified products are stacked separately, and indicate their quality and quantity on the process flow sheet.

2, the production schedule of the machine

View the product content and plan completion status of a class produced by this machine, clearly understand the production progress of this batch of products, and make arrangements for the production plan of this class.

3, the adjustment of machinery and equipment

Check whether there is any adjustment to the machinery and equipment during the operation. If there are adjustments, which parts have been adjusted, and the use conditions after adjustment, you must make a detailed understanding.

Second, the preparation before production

1. Before you go to work, you must refuel and lubricate your bronzing machine. Refueling should be serious, comprehensive, and can not be omitted, at the same time to observe the phenomenon of oil plugging, once found should be cleared and dredged.

2, carefully read the construction sheet, correctly understand the work order requirements

(1) The captain must understand the requirements of the construction order before starting the machine, and check whether the sample and work order are complete and consistent.

(2). Check the bronzing plate against the original. Check whether the hot stamping version meets quality requirements.

(3). When the requirements for the construction slip cannot be fully understood, the squad leader and the supervisor shall be asked clearly, and production shall not be conducted subjectively.

3, the operation of machinery and equipment

(1). At the time of starting the machine, it is necessary to observe whether the machine has an abnormal reaction. If there is abnormal sound, abnormal operation, local overheating, etc., check the machine immediately.

(2) Focus on observing whether the previous class of adjusted parts is normal.

(3) Check whether the switch, brake and other components of the machine equipment are flexible and reliable.

4. Preparation of raw and auxiliary materials

(1). Check whether the product that needs bronzing is in place. If it is not in place, it should reflect the monitor and assist the squad leader in handling the product.

(2). According to different process requirements (such as polishing, gluing, etc.) to receive the corresponding type of gold foil paper, must fully consider the relationship between the print and gold foil paper.

(3). Commonly used gold foil paper type

A. Gold: 368398

B. Red gold

C. Silver Gold: 368328

(4) According to the actual area of ​​bronzing, the bronzing paper should be cut, and there should be a slight leeway when it is cut to avoid excessive or too small waste.

5, machine adjustment

(1). Temperature regulation. The temperature of the bronzing should be determined according to different products, different technological processes and different bronzing paper models, and different temperatures can be determined. The temperature of the bronzing should be determined by the effect of the final bronzing product.

(2) Pressure regulation. When pressure debugging, it should be light to heavy, slowly, and finally increase to the normal pressure, not to adjust the pressure too much at one time, so as not to crush the bronzing version and cause losses. While adjusting the pressure, it is also necessary to pay attention to the balance of the entire layout and the pressure is the same.

(3). Needle position adjustment. Needle position adjustment should be based on signatures, accurate bronzing, and consistent needle position.

(4). Just after starting the work, it is necessary to compare several samples of the original with the original and the previous product in order to prevent misplacement.

6, bronzing products should be considered in advance factors

(1) To see what is hot, and calculate the amount of demand in advance.

(2) Seal with plastic wrap after printing or gluing.

(3) Copper plates are to be made in large quantities and often made products.

(4) It is more difficult to print the film to install the edition.

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