How to correctly maintain the packaging rupture strength tester

The package rupture strength tester is widely used in packaging materials. It is mainly used for measuring various kinds of cardboard, single-layer and multi-layer corrugated cardboard, and can also be used for the burst strength test of non-paper materials such as silk and cotton cloth. If a package rupture strength tester is maintained well, its service life can be extended and the maintenance cost of the enterprise can also be reduced. How can the package rupture strength tester be maintained? Kunshan Haida Instrument Engineer gives you warm advice:

1. Clean the surface dust and keep the body clean.

2. Check whether the equipment fixture is corroded and damaged and replace it immediately.

3. When starting the equipment, check whether the fan is operating normally and whether there is any abnormal sound. If there is an immediate shutdown of the equipment, inform the maintenance engineer to overhaul it.

4. When the charge (discharge) is turned on, the indicator of the corresponding channel lights normally. If it is not normal, the repairman is instructed to overhaul it.

   Packaging rupture month Maintenance strength tester

1. Check if the vents are clogged and remove dust.

2. Check if the current and voltage of the equipment are normal and whether the line is aging.

3. Check if the fan is operating normally.

4. Clean the dust inside the device (do not contaminate PCB board and power supply to affect the performance of the device when cleaning).

   Packing Maintenance six months rupture strength tester

1, check the line and switch is normal.

2. Check if all power supplies of the device are normal.

3, transformer insulation is not less than 5 megohms, if not reach, must re-dry the transformer.

4. Adjust the full range of adjustable mechanical parts, not less than 3 times.

5. The equipment accuracy is calibrated once every 2 times.

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