How to deal with the choice of printing plate for carton printing

The thickness of the printing plate is preferably selected according to the surface roughness and different thickness of the corrugated cardboard. If a fine picture of a photo type is printed on a corrugated cardboard box, it is preferable to use a coated white paper and print it on the offset printing machine with the PS version. Better natural color reproduction. In the rough surface of the kraft paperboard, liner paper, cardboard, tea board paper printing, should choose a thicker and more resilient elasticity, strong wear resistance flexible resin plate. For thin lines, small texts, and small patterns, a harder rubber plate may be used, but the thickness of the printing plate must be guaranteed. That is, the pressure may be increased during printing to achieve the purpose of clearly printing the printed content onto corrugated paper. Printed version of the plate used in the field should use a flexible resin plate with low hardness and good elasticity.

Paste the printing plate on the polyester film and paste it firmly. Otherwise, the ink will soak to the place where the double-sided adhesive is applied, causing the printing plate to pop open. When the printing plate runs at a high speed, the product that is crashed or printed will not appear. Wild ink should be there.

Source: China Design Printing Network

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