How to distinguish true and false mahogany by texture

The wood used for mahogany furniture is very hard and the nails cannot be punched in. In the decoration, it is hand-carved, so it has a high ornamental. Plus precious wood, it has a high collection value.

The coloring of mahogany furniture is also very particular. They are all made of traditional lacquering lacquer, also known as raw lacquer. The construction period is generally 12 to 15 days. The use of sap, a pure plant liquid, makes it penetrate into wood like milk, which is environmentally friendly compared to current painting techniques. There is also a colorless waxing technique that preserves the original color of the material.

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The mahogany home has a distinction between Ming and Qing styles. The Ming style lines are round, simple and generous, without too many complicated carvings. In the Qing Dynasty, there are many complicated patterns, such as peony, bat, landscape and so on. Can be called a piece of art.

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Identify true and false mahogany can start with texture

For a chaotic market, mastering certain discriminating capabilities is a reliable umbrella. It is understood that consumers can identify the true and false of the redwood through wood grain. Wood grain is a texture of wood, just like a human fingerprint. It is a trait that is born and cannot be changed. Wood grain will be more noticeable after coloring the wood. The rosewood produced in Laos and Myanmar has a heavy black water pattern due to its growth in the water. The rosewood of Laos, the wood grain should be yellowish brown, and there is a furry feeling of animal fur, commonly known as cow hair and scorpion. Burmese chicken wing wood with black chicken wings. Redwood is dense and sinks in water. But heavy wood is not equal to mahogany. Some hardwoods have a short growth cycle and can grow into a thick tree in two or three years, which is also very heavy. However, such wood has a low density, is not hard enough to be hard, is very brittle, and often has small holes that can be seen by the naked eye. This heavy wood does not have the value of mahogany.

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