How to take the scenery home Photo reporters teach you how to shoot

The scenery on the way is beautiful. It's not enough to be full of eyesight. What if you want to leave the scenery outside the camera in your camera?

If you are a passenger, you can shoot without stopping. My suggestion is that you can use the camera's shutter priority feature. In general, the faster the vehicle speed, the more likely you are to shake the camera and the displacement of the landscape. Therefore, you should ensure that the shutter speed is more than 4 times faster. For example, when the speed was 60 km/hour, your shutter speed should be at least 1/250th of a second. If you take a picture outside the front window, the shutter speed can be slightly reduced, but if it is outside the side window, and still take a wide angle, it is strongly recommended that you use a higher shutter speed, because even if the perspective is clear, close view It will also be blurred due to serious displacement. Of course, some people deliberately shot this way to create a dynamic atmosphere.

If you can, it's best to put the side window glass down and shoot again, because there is a layer of glass, and even a layer of car film, will affect your photo imaging quality and sensitivity. However, if it is inconvenient, try to shoot the lens close to the glass so that even if there is stains and mottles on the glass, it will have less effect on the photo quality because it is out of focus. If you want to take a picture of the car, the person in the co-pilot position can use the reflective mirror of the outside mirror. This is safe and convenient.

Personally, I prefer to shoot with telephoto. Slightly higher ISO (sensitivity), so that handheld 70-200/2.8 mm focal length lens will not affect the imaging due to shaking. The depth of the telephoto scene does not require the camera to be photographed close to the glass. If it is a bus, I usually occupy the first seat on the other side of the driver. The bright and spacious front windshield is ideal for sweeping.

Nowadays, many self-driving tour riders have already been linked with photography. On the way, the beautiful scenery is often fleeting, how can you keep it? We asked the photo reporter of the City Express and enthusiastic self-driving tour enthusiast Xu Wei to sum up some practical skills.

If you are a driver, you are strongly advised to stop shooting. No good photographer can shoot while driving, and it is very easy to cause serious consequences. Of course, if you are on the highway, you can't stop temporarily, because this is an extremely dangerous action. You can take the camera to your partner for shooting. However, there are exceptions. I used to drive on the expressway in Xinjiang, where the high speed was not completely closed. So when we met with a magnificent sunset, we drove the roadbed down and parked outside the highway to shoot safely.

Sometimes the scenery is extremely brief and fleeting. I like to put the camera in a place where it is more convenient to get it, and it can be shot immediately after parking. For example, hang the camera bag behind the driver's seat and lift the upper lid to get the camera. Of course, the co-pilot position is more convenient, but it is usually LP (Internet language, refer to his wife) sitting. I have seen many people prefer to put their cameras in the trunk, and they also have to turn around after parking.

If it is not convenient to get off the train, you can shoot at the window and put the lens on the window frame to provide a stable support. However, it is best to hang the car off, so as not to affect the shooting of the engine's jitter. Skylights can also be shot from the top.

Sometimes, you may feel that your position is not high enough and there are no high grounds around you. At this time, your roof is the best place. Of course, this is usually a large or medium sized VAN or SUV. A group of photographers I know even likes to hold a tripod on their SUV roof to take a slow shot. what? You drive a Ferrari, oh, then when I didn't say it

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