In 2014, virtual touch or newspaper could become touch screen

Many Hollywood science fiction movies, including Da Liu ’s novel Three Body, have shown us some pan-digital future world scenes. For example, if you order at a restaurant, there is no waiter girl to send you paper Menu, you can directly tap a finger on the table to activate a window, display a digital menu, and then your finger can directly operate the menu on it.

Is it sci-fi? It ’s actually not that sci-fi. Fujitsu said that we will be able to use this technology by 2014-for the convenience of description, we will temporarily name this technology "virtual touch":

Just like the scene shown in the title picture, you put the newspaper on the table and your finger extends to activate the virtual touch-you will find that your fingertip will project a spot of light on the newspaper and press your finger down , You will be able to select, drag and drop, and even edit the content of this newspaper like a smartphone, and all the content you have operated will be synchronously stored in the cloud for backup, and you can always save them from the surrounding functional area Transfer it out.

Use your finger to drag on the paper to draw a rectangular selection box
For the map, we can call the enhanced function through the surrounding function buttons.
For example, clicking on the destination will pop up relevant information.

And all of this does not require any complicated equipment. According to Fujitsu, all you need is a camera and a projector, and the rest is left to specialized image processing technology. The video also shows some extended interactive applications, for example, if you put a map on the table, then you only need to select the destination, and all the local information can be popped up for you to click, instantly You can get all the relevant information you need. Of course, at present, the processing capacity of this system is still limited, and it seems that it can only play a role on specific platforms (such as a table) and specific media (such as newspapers, such as maps, such as sticky notes). If I can evolve to any platform in a house, I can extend this touch window by extending my finger to do a certain action, which is sharp.

Put 4 sticky notes, scan and archive their contents in an instant, and re-edit their contents after removing the sticky notes.

From this picture, it seems to support multi-touch?

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