Introduction and Mutual Restriction of Operating System of Constant Temperature and Humidity Testing Machine

The constant temperature and humidity testing machine is used to detect the performance of materials in various environments and to test the heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance and humidity resistance of various materials. Its internal operation is mainly through: air circulation system, electrical automatic control system compressor, The three related systems of the refrigeration cycle system work together. How do the three work separately, and how do they achieve mutual stability and mutually restricted operation?

1. Air circulation system of constant temperature and humidity testing machine: The centrifugal fan is responsible for sucking air from the return air inlet. The air passes through the evaporator, humidifier and electric heater, and is sent to the user through the air outlet through the cooling or heating, dehumidification or humidification. In the space, the air sent out is mixed with the air in the space and then returned to the return air outlet, so that the circulating operation reaches the test temperature to be stable.

Second, constant temperature and humidity test box electrical automatic control system: This block includes the power supply part and the automatic control part.

The power supply part uses the contactor to supply power to the compressor, fan, electric heater, humidifier and other automatic control parts. Its part is the temperature and humidity control and fault protection part. The temperature and humidity control is to compare the temperature and humidity of the return air with the temperature and humidity set by the experiment through the temperature and humidity controller, and automatically run the compressor, humidifier, electric heating and other components to cool, heat, and dehumidify to achieve constant temperature and humidity. Automatic control.

Third, the constant temperature and humidity test chamber compressor refrigeration cycle system: the liquid refrigerant in the evaporator absorbs the heat of the air (the air is cooled and dehumidified) and begins to evaporate, resulting in a certain temperature difference between the refrigerant and the air, liquid refrigeration The agent completely evaporates into a gaseous state, and is then sucked and compressed by the compressor (pressure and temperature increase). The gaseous refrigerant absorbs heat through the condenser (air-cooled / water-cooled) and condenses into a liquid. After throttling through the expansion valve (or capillary), it turns into a low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant and enters the evaporator to complete the refrigerant circulation process.

The above brief description describes the working form of the three main systems of constant temperature and humidity testing machine operation, and their inseparable operational constraints between each other, and ultimately achieve the intended effect and purpose of the user test. For further information, please call Beijing Yashilin

Introduction and Mutual Restriction of Operating System of Constant Temperature and Humidity Testing Machine

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