Introduction of BACO Alcohol Free Fountain Solution

1. Traditional alcohol fountain solution:

The best condition for printing with alcohol fountain solution: the pH is between 4.8-5.2, and the normal conductivity is between 800-1200.

Condition A:

If the printing process, the PH value is lower than 4.8

Advantages: good cleaning effect, printing is not easy to dirty, the bottom of the probability of dirty version.

Disadvantages: The print is not easy to dry, easy to produce paper, paper powder, corrosion of the machine and metal, while reducing the durability of the PS version.

Condition B:

If the printing process, the higher conductivity advantages: good water transfer performance.

Disadvantages: There will be more ions that make it prone to crystallization and clogging.

If the printing process, the lower conductivity advantages: greatly reduce the clogging and crystallization phenomenon, the printing of dots; the cable is more sharp, solid in the field.

2.BACO alcohol-free fountain solution:

PH value between 5.0-5.5, normal conductivity between 400-1000, refractive index 4-7

(Japanese machines can be gradually reduced to 3-4 between 4-5)

(German machines are between 6-7 and can be gradually reduced to 4-5)

Seen from the data of the BACO non-alcoholic fountain solution:

BACO non-alcoholic fountain solution not only retains the advantages of traditional alcohol fountain solution, but also improves the shortcomings of traditional alcohol fountain solution.

a. The pH of the fountain solution tends to be neutral, which makes the fountain solution less corrosive to the machine and metal; the drying speed is faster, especially the printing effect of gold and silver ink is better.

b. The formulation of the non-alcoholic fountain solution is perfected so that the conductivity of the fountain solution is low and the cleaning effect is better.

c. BACO non-alcoholic fountain solution, both to ensure good water transfer and avoid the production of crystallization.

d. can also show clearer printing dots, network lines and vivid colors.

e. The refractive index control method can easily and effectively identify the fountain solution concentration.

BACO's alcohol-free fountain solution is currently one of China's finest truly non-alcoholic fountain solutions. It truly realizes non-alcoholic printing on various printing machines, and it is also used by first-line production workers. The gospel of health came.

BACO's alcohol-free fountain solution is the leader in the contemporary Chinese printing industry, and it is the first product that Shanghai Tiantian Printing Materials Co., Ltd. boasts.

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