KODAK COLORFLOW Color Customizer Tool Version 3.1

The Kodak COLORFLOW Color Customization Tool, version 3.1, received the 2005 InterTech Technology Award for its professional color management for achieving the best possible color for every device in the end-to-end workflow. Combining other proofing, digital color printing and workflow products, this software provides optimal color management. With the Kodak COLORFLOW Color Customization Tool version 3.1, users can easily edit and create international color-organized (ICC)-based documents that enable better color matching on input, display, and output devices and true ICC color management. The software is run with the plug-in of ADOBE PHOTOSHOP and can be easily called up and corrected for the color of the image when using the ADOBE PHOTOSHOP image adjustment tool.

With Kodak's COLORFLOW Color Customization Tool version 3.1, users can achieve superior print quality in digital color printing workflows, meet customer output requirements, improve job turnaround time, and increase profits.

Specifically, the fabric of the travel package should have the following three features:

First: the density of the travel bag is small and light

The material of the travel bag should have the effect of rainproof water

Polyester durable, good elasticity, not easy to deformation, corrosion resistance, insulation, crisp, easy to wash and quick drying, loved by the people. Now many travel bags are made of this kind of fabric, the most commonly used is the Double Shoulder bag that everyone knows about the camel card.The pull rod box refers to a suitcase with a pull rod and a roller. Because of its convenient use, carry clothes and so on to become travel, go out and be widely used. At the same time, the pull rod box also has a pull rod for the box, and it has the single pipe pull rod and the double pipe pull rod. The pipe of the pull rod also has the square tube and the circular tube's separation, so as to facilitate the walking while dragging, and lighten the burden greatly.

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