Low-cost labeler can label up to 150 speeds per minute

AEW Delford Systems' LS40 pressure-sensitive labeling machine is simple in design and very inexpensive, and is suitable for both labeling and decorative labeling.

The LS40 labeler is made of stainless steel and can be supplied with a standard finished conveyor or on an existing standard conveyor system.

The LS40 labeler's largest tag label can reach 100*150 mm, and 150 labels can be attached per minute.

Source: Global Flexible Packaging

Long time, I want to make a collection for the folding life products.
Always we found lots of interest and creative design from the folding ways, it can be easy carry, room saving, especial for today society, few young people can rent or live in a big house in many country, like China, even in Europe, NYC in USA, many big city, you need a little but functional products, then folding will be your choice, also as a products it can be freight saving, packing saving, its easy to ship and dispatch, that can make the life more easy and cost saving, We love life, we love folding! 

Folding & Easy Take

Water Bottle,Notebook Water Bottle,Plastic Pc Water Bottle,Paper Size Water Bottle

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