More than half of Shanghai's manufacturers violated the new rules of mahogany experts to teach and identify tricks

How is mahogany furniture produced? How do you identify the type of redwood and the lacquer and chemical paint on the furniture? The Furniture Professional Office of the Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Committee announced that it will organize citizens to go to the Hongmu Furniture Factory in the city for free to visit and learn how to “recognize wood”. According to reports, at present, Shanghai residents have accounted for about 30% of complaints about mahogany furniture in various "difficulty" complaints about furniture.

More than half of the manufacturers have violated the "new regulations" of mahogany

Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Committee Furniture Office said that in recent years, more and more citizens have used mahogany furniture as a target for consumption and investment, and Shanghai's mahogany furniture is also “outstanding” in the entire furniture market: more than 100 mahogany furniture manufacturers in this city. Home, the annual sales of mahogany furniture has reached 500 million yuan.

However, while the mahogany furniture market is booming, related consumer complaints are also increasing. Wang Weibin, deputy secretary-general of the Furniture Office of the Municipal Consumer Protection Committee, said that at present, the city's furniture complaints are generally resolved in a localized manner. Only some complaints related to material identification and process identification will be transferred to the furniture office. However, only in the first half of this year, the furniture office received more than 60 complaints about consumer complaints about mahogany furniture, and the complaints about mahogany furniture accounted for about 30% of the complaints about furniture “intractable diseases”. The main problems are that mahogany furniture is mixed with a lot of inferior "white label", which causes insects, deformation and cracking. When individual manufacturers sell mahogany furniture, they deliberately do not indicate the name of the tree, and confuse the grade of mahogany material.

In addition, the “new regulations” of the mahogany – the mandatory national standard “General Technical Conditions for Redwood Furniture” (GB28010-2011) has been officially implemented since August 1, 2012, which requires mahogany manufacturers to present “Redwood Furniture Products” to consumers. Quality Express Card, Product Certification and Furniture Instruction Manual. However, in the first half of this year, the furniture office of the Municipal Consumer Protection Committee found that most of the mahogany furniture factories in this city failed to produce the above certificates. Wang Weibin said that these certificates require manufacturers to indicate the standards for the production of mahogany furniture, the date of manufacture, the name and address of the manufacturer, and the name and tree name of the mahogany materials. This information is especially important for consumer rights protection.

Redwood experts on-site teaching "knocking wood" tricks

In order to regulate the market and let consumers understand consumption, the Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Committee Furniture Office stated that it will launch “Shanghai Redwood Furniture Consumption Inspection Activities” in the city from late May to the end of June, during which about 200 citizens will be organized. About 10 batches, go to the relevant mahogany furniture factory in this city for free visit. The investigation included the whole process of understanding the production and production of mahogany furniture. Experts pointed out how consumers can identify “true and false” mahogany, identify the materials of various mahogany furniture, and how to view certificates and sign contracts when purchasing mahogany. "On-site observation will open the eyes of the public. For example, we will teach the public how to distinguish whether mahogany furniture is painted with lacquer or chemical paint. How to distinguish whether the furniture is machine-engraved or hand-carved, etc. is very practical." Wang Weibin revealed.

The registration time for this event is from now until May 20, the full amount; registration phone; on-site registration address: No. 126, Yude Road, Xuhui District, Xiyingmen Redwood Furniture Boutique.

Zhang Jiaming, deputy secretary-general of the Municipal Consumer Protection Committee, said that ordinary people are still relatively unfamiliar with mahogany furniture. The purpose of this activity is to pass on the information on the consumption knowledge of mahogany furniture to the public. In the future, the Municipal Consumer Protection Committee will also focus on consumer complaints hotspots in gold. Similar consumer activity activities were carried out in the fields of jewellery, home appliance repair, building materials, and automobiles to enhance consumer awareness of self-protection.

Source: China Furniture Network

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