National Printing Skills Competition Finals of Print Finishers Start

On August 18th, the opening ceremony of the National Final of China Skills Competition-The Fourth National Printing Industry Vocational Skills Competition was held in Tianjin Evergreen Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. More than 100 people from the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, Tianjin Municipal Government, China Printing Technology Association, Tianjin Evergreen Co., Ltd., and guest representatives, judges, contestants, and media representatives attended the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, Cai Liancheng, general manager of Tianjin Evergreen Printing Equipment Co., Ltd., Chen Wenhui, deputy head of Beichen District, Tianjin, and Yu Yongzhan, chairman of China Printing Technology Association, issued speeches one after another, fully affirming the skill competition. They said that the continuous development of the printing industry needs to create a large, high-quality, professional post-press production talent team. Vocational skill competition is an effective way to select high-skilled talents and promote the growth of high-skilled talents. Through skill competitions, it can provide a platform for more post-press production practitioners and learners to show their own, and improve their enthusiasm for learning technology and specialized research business. At the same time, Chen Wenhui said that Beichen District, as the northern gateway of Tianjin urban area, will hold a national printing industry vocational skill competition, which will play a positive role in the development and construction of Beichen District and will be beneficial to the comprehensive development of Jingbin.
Subsequently, the referee representatives and the player representatives took oaths separately, and they said they would ensure fair and fair competition in the finals. After the oath was completed, Wang Yanbin, Director of the Printing and Distribution Department of the General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television announced that the contest had officially started.
After the opening ceremony, under the leadership of Cai Liancheng, everyone visited the participating venues, the production site of Evergreen Stock Company, Evergreen Jianhao Cloud Printing Technology Co., Ltd., and the production and construction infrastructure site of Evergreen Jianhao.
Relevant leaders of the General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, Tianjin Press and Publication Bureau, China Printing Technology Association and Tianjin Evergreen also conducted in-depth exchanges on the construction of the press and publishing equipment industrial park.
Contest background:
It is reported that the National Printing Industry Vocational Skills Competition is sponsored by the General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and undertaken by the China Employment Training Technical Guidance Center, China Printing Technology Association, and China Press Association.

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