Paraffin with ceresin

English name: Paraffin with ceresin; Paraffin wax

Other names: paraffin wax; petroleum wax; petroleum hydrocarbon wax

CAS number: 8002-74-2

Level: BR

Melting point: 60 ~ 62 ℃

Properties: white solid block. Feeling slippery. Soluble in benzene, ether, chloroform, oil and carbon disulfide, insoluble in water and ethanol. Transparent and clear when melted. Commodities are often made in various melting point ranges (approximately between 40 and 70 ° C).

Uses: biochemical research. For biological tissue section

Save: RT

The advantage of Tarpaulin Canvas High Frequency Welding Machine

1.Manual turnplate air-operated electric-heated model

2.Labor saving ,time saving ,high efficiency

3.When spark occur, the high sensitiveness spark protects electric system, cuts high frequency power immediatly to protect mould and material

4.The selectable output power ensured a stable quality of the products for it could reduce the heating time when joining is being carried out

Tarpaulin Canvas High Frequency Welding Machine

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