Principals at home and abroad argue "the way of the university": whether to emphasize books or vocational education

What is the contemporary "university approach"-emphasis on book knowledge or vocational education? Educators and entrepreneurs tried to give an answer at the Boao Forum for Asia President ’s Forum held on the evening of April 7.

According to a study by Nankai University, the university is not a vocational school and cannot be employment-only, but it should make a difference in student employment. "Several years ago, companies hoped that universities could conduct professional training, but now companies are more willing to do their own training." Gong Ke, president of Nankai University, believes that companies require university graduates to have more ability to innovate, lead and intercultural communication Promoting the long-term development of enterprises means that universities need to pay full attention to student development.

What is the priority of book knowledge and vocational training in university education? Colin Dodds, president of St. Mary ’s University, said that some degree of higher education is needed in the future to conduct joint research between different countries and institutions. Universities can do some training for students' future internships, "not just for today, but also for future careers."

When should the school's vocational education for students begin? The president of San Diego State University, Elliot Hirshman, said that students ’vocational education should be ahead of universities.“ Tell students structural opportunities when they are in high school, and then classify and guide them to receive vocational training. ”

Zhu Minshen, the dean of the Australian Institute of Higher Education and a member of the Federal Government Ministers ’Advisory Committee, believes that universities can cultivate some skills of students from a broader perspective, rather than specifically targeting a specific job.

How should university education differ from vocational education, and what kind of communication and feedback mechanism should be established between universities and enterprises?

"Vocational education is not the same as university education, and there is no way to connect them." Chen Fanchang, president of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, said that the role of the university is to provide students with basic knowledge to create future career markets. There is interoperability between them, "Universities should operate in accordance with existing social functions and prepare students from a longer-term perspective."

Jiang Xipei, chairman of Far East Holdings, pointed out that students graduated first faced the problem of transformation: turning academic achievement into technical achievement. "The biggest problem is that students think about what they want to do when they go to school, but they do n’t do anything when they do things." contradiction? "Learn the best in school." He asked himself.

Why do contemporary students find it increasingly difficult to find a job? Rosaline May Lee, vice president of New York University, analyzed that due to the ups and downs of the global economy, it has caused student employment problems worldwide. "Educators have a responsibility to help graduates find jobs. The difference between pure skill learning and university education will increase. The more gray it is, don't consider university education from the perspective of a simple professor, but from a longer-term and more comprehensive perspective: after graduation, communicate with the entire society. "

"University education should balance the relationship between books and careers, and not only care about the employment of students." Zhang Xinsheng, president of the China Education Association for International Exchange and Secretary-General of the Ecological Civilization Forum, said that universities should not consider the employment rate in a hurry, but also consider the lifetime career of students This is a matter of national and national development.

Rosaline May Lee said that the ultimate goal of university education is to "help every student realize his potential and complete his contribution to society."

"Education changes life, there is no doubt about it." Zhang Xinsheng said.

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