Principle and steps of solid phase extraction device

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Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. Hao Zhuang (LNB) brand solid phase extraction device-solid phase extraction principle Solid phase extraction (SPE) is a sample pretreatment technology developed from the mid-1980s. Developed by the combination of liquid-solid extraction and liquid chromatography technology. Mainly used for sample separation, purification and enrichment. The main purpose is to reduce sample matrix interference and improve detection sensitivity.

The solid phase extraction device SPE technology is based on the theory of liquid-solid phase chromatography and uses selective adsorption and selective elution to enrich, separate, and purify samples. It is a physical extraction process that includes liquid phase and solid phase; also It can be viewed as a simple chromatographic process.

The solid phase extraction device SPE uses the principle of liquid chromatography separation with selective adsorption and selective elution. The more common method is to pass the liquid sample solution through the adsorbent, retain the substance to be tested, and then use an appropriate strength solvent to wash away impurities, and then quickly elute the substance to be tested with a small amount of solvent, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid separation, purification and concentration. It can also selectively adsorb the interfering impurities and let the test substance flow out; or simultaneously adsorb the impurities and the test substance, and then use a suitable solvent to selectively elute the test substance.

Solid phase extraction device solid phase extraction operation steps:

For the different retention mechanisms of fillers (fillers retain target compounds or impurities), the operation is slightly different.

The solid phase extraction operation generally has four steps

1. The filler retains the target compound

1. Activation-remove impurities in the small column and create a certain solvent environment.

2. Sample loading-dissolve the sample in a certain solvent, transfer it to the column and keep the components on the column.

3. Rinse ---- Remove interferences to the greatest extent.

4. Elution-elute and collect the substance to be tested with a small volume of solvent.

Second, the filler retains impurities

The solid phase extraction operation generally has three steps

1. Activation-remove impurities in the column and create a certain solvent environment.

2. Load the sample-transfer the sample to the column, at this time most of the target compounds will flow out with the sample base liquid, and the impurities are retained on the column.

So this step is to start collecting

3. Elution --- Rinse and collect the components with a small volume of solvent, and combine the collected solutions.

This situation is mostly used to remove pigments in food or pesticide analysis.

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