PRO-T Thermal Handling CTP Edition

The PRO-T thermal-free CTP is Fujitsu's completely new CTP plate, which is completely new to the entire exhibition. Since it eliminates the need for multiple steps such as washing with developing water, it not only improves work efficiency, but also lowers Cost, eliminate waste liquid emissions, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and benefit the environment.

Main features: completely free of processing, no need for developing machine and processing liquid, and no need to suck dust device, can use the existing plate-making machine; have higher sensitivity in similar products; use multi-layer sand technology.

Source: China Printing Materials Business

It is made of filamentous material extracted from the coconut shell. The raw material is cleaned and high-temperature sterilized, and then white mineral fiber filaments are bonded and then heat-pressed. It is a pollution-free, green and pure natural products. With the deepening concept of green consumption and healthy consumption, brown mattresses are recognized as natural green mattresses and are highly favored by consumers. A high quality mattress will surely give you a better quality of sleep.

Coconut Fiber Coir Mattress

Coconut Fiber Coir Mattress

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