Production Box Production Precautions

1, the plate, the current gift box pay attention to the beautiful appearance of the beautiful, so the version of the production of colors is varied, usually a style of gift box not only has 4 basic colors and several spot colors, such as gold, silver, these are spot colors

2, choose paper, general gift box paper is made of double copper and dumb copper paper, weight is generally 128G, 105G, 157G, rarely gift box paper will have more than 200G, because the paper is too thick and out The gift box is easy to blistering, and the appearance looks very dull. Paper is based on customer needs to select the appropriate double gray paper, commonly known as gray paper or gray cardboard

3, printing, gift box is only used to print paper, paper is not printed, at most only dyeing, because the gift box is the outer box, so the printing process is very high, the most taboo color differences, ink, bad version These affect the aesthetic shortcomings

4, surface treatment, gift box package paper usually do surface treatment, common is the light glue, too dumb glue, over UV, light oil, over matte oil

5, beer, beer is a more important part of the printing process, to be quasi-must be a model to be accurate, if the beer is not allowed, beer bias, beer, which will continue to affect the follow-up processing

6, hey, the usual prints are first after the beer, but the gift box is the first beer Houyi, one is afraid of getting flowers package paper, and second, the gift box pay attention to the overall appearance, the gift box must be hand-made paper, this can reach a certain Beautiful appearance

7, the last is to punch the hole, do not punch the surface of the glue, then you can package delivery

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