PS version of manual development method

Generally, the large and medium-sized printing plants use the automatic developing machine for the development of the PS plate, which has high efficiency and stable quality. However, some manufacturers use manual development. Experienced plate masters can use the quality of the plate and the amount of exposure of the PS plate. , developer temperature, and film, jobs, printing presses and other different situations to flexibly grasp the development time and developer concentration and other indicators, so that the manual printing of the PS plate quality, printability and even better than the machine display quality.

General printing manufacturers are to expose the exposed PS plate in the developer tank containing the developing solution, shake it back and forth, or use a soft brush to develop the plate. Here we use a new development method, practice has proved very good. The specific approach is as follows:

First, the developer is filled into the barrel, a small electric water pump is placed, a shower nozzle is installed at the outlet of the water pump, and the developing tank is tilted to about 45 degrees. The bottom drain pipe leads into the barrel containing the developing solution. . Then, the exposed PS plate is placed in the developing tank, and the water pump is turned on to spray the PS plate from top to bottom in sequence. The developing solution flows back to the barrel from the drain pipe at the same time, and the developing time can be flexibly grasped according to the situation.

The advantage of this is that the degree of development of the 1PS version is easy to observe. 2 Uniform development. If insufficient development is found, spray again. 3 The developer will be saved, because the developer will flow into the drum after the completion of the development work, and the contact time with the air will be short and the aging will be slow. 4 reduces the trouble of collecting the developer.

(Yantai City Carton Printing Factory Tang Jie)

Source: "Printing Technology"

Twisted Paper Rope handle making machine, 

This is a good machine for making twisted Paper Handle.It pastes the twisted paper rope and paper strap together and cut off them for separate handles.It is running stably and fast with hot melt glue application. The handle size can be customized according to customers`request and one machine can make several different handle sizes.

Normally, one 5 or 10 meter long production line is followed at the end of this machine so that the workers can put the ready made handles on the paper bags on site when the ready made handles coming out from the machine

Paper Handle Machine

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