Rest stretching day

On Saturdays, the day is the rest day for most people, but if you are used to fitness, do you feel uncomfortable when you are not exercising for a day ? But muscles and body definitely need rest and recovery, so what should you do ?

After a period of training, the proper stretching and contraction of the muscle during rest and growth is not only good for relieving muscle soreness, but also very good for muscle growth and flexibility.

Unisex, 9 exercises for stretching, exercising, and chest, shoulders, back, legs, and waist , to see which one is right for you. Pick 3-4 movements and set a stretch of 10-20 times for each body. A yoga mat, 10 minutes to upgrade your rest day into a " rest stretch day " .

1 , lunge torso stretching

Standing in the lunge position, the front foot is 90 degrees, the rear foot is upright ( can be slightly bent ) , and the back is pressed back to the position parallel to the ground, and then restored to the body upright.


2 , positive and negative crawling

Walk on the limbs ( do not kneel ). Climb forward about 2-3 meters, palms and toes hard ; then flip the body to the chest up, climb forward to restore to the starting point, fingertips and heels.


3 , squatting belly type

On the supine pad, lift your feet to the thighs. The ground legs are parallel to the ground, and your feet are close together. Roll up your body while rubbing your hands, while opening your legs, then restore and leg to close your hands.


4 , hand support jump open and close

In a push-up position, the toes are close together, jumping once in the left, middle, and right directions, and then returning to the middle to open and close twice.


5 , pelvis rotation

Sit your hands to open on both sides, hook your feet off the ground, control the upper body to stabilize, then rotate the hip joint for circular motion, not too fast, try to keep your body stable.


6 , horse step side pull

The horse step stood, the toes were opened to the sides, one hand held the head, the other hand straightened obliquely downward, and then bent sideways, as if touching the foot. Do it while doing the other half.


7 , spine rolling

On the supine pad, the leg is lifted, and then the foot is shaken, the body is up, and the hands are swaying downwards to restore the repetition.


8 , weight-bearing side pull

Standing, the feet are slightly wider than the shoulders, with dumbbells in one hand, one hand vertically upwards, the body flexing to the front and the other hand touching the toes. Throughout the process, the eye is concerned with lifting the hand of the dumbbell and keeping it vertical.


9 , the posture of the big loop

Lying on the yoga mat, open your hands to the sides, then lift your feet off the ground, and rotate the hips as the axis. Pay attention to the slow and constant speed.


Action Demonstration: Advanced Personal Trainer Liang Lei Author: Cheng Yang, founder of Chinese private education


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