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Why do we need to research and develop new health protection HIGH2OUT?
In intense physical activity, the body will sweat a lot, but sweat cannot discharge clothes and shoes immediately. These excess moisture are trapped in the clothes and socks inside, and then slowly pass through the layers of clothing: lining, film and outer fabric. The result will feel very uncomfortable and will feel cold afterwards. This is caused by the return of wet steam and liquid sweat to the clothes, socks and lining inside. The lining can absorb only a little moisture because the structural fabric is usually not absorbent. Today's shoes are usually made of neutral materials to prevent leakage at the joints. This lining can be very uncomfortable when the wearer sweats.

With this in mind, Shinhovo's HIGH2OUT employs an extremely powerful film structure that includes a Neo-Blahia mask and a strong absorbent absorbent layer. Xinbaoshi HIGH2OUT can discharge moisture in the form of water vapor and liquid. Therefore, there is no cooling sweat inside, so there is no unpleasant dampness. This means that the comfort of a large number of athletes after a large amount of perspiration is greatly improved.

What is New Health Fitness HIGH2OUT?
Xin Bao Shih HIGH2OUT is a compound of Xinbao Shi non-porous hydrophilic film and super absorbent layer. In this membrane system, liquid sweat does not drip into the lining but is absorbed and diffused over a large surface area. The same amount of moisture evaporates to the outside world in a larger area, accelerating the dry process, providing the wearer with super comfort, especially in intense sports.

How is New Health Fitness HIGH2OUT working?
Xinbao Shi film has a solid non-porous structure, but it can make water vapor molecules pass through without hindrance. To better understand how to make water vapor pass freely through a layer of non-porous membrane, let us imagine the new security film as a brick wall - a block of bricks represents the waterproofing component of the exclusion period; at the same time, the mortar represents that water vapor can pass through. The hydrophilic ingredients. In this way, it is easy to understand that water vapor is transported when the plaster is already wet.

Also, because of the hydrophilic nature of the new film, it can also transmit water vapor in a humid environment. This is because moisture can expand the special molecular structure of the film and provide more room for sweat vapor to escape. The perfect combination of the neoprotective film and the strong water-absorbing layer allows moisture to be transferred to the film in a regular and easy-to-handle form.

What are the advantages of the new insurance fitness HIGH2OUT?
In general-intensity sports, the transmission rate of water vapor of the New Health Fitness HIGH2OUT is no different from the traditional structure.

However, in high-intensity sports, the liquid and gaseous transport of water vapor is 120% higher than that of traditional Neoprosyn. The dampness is therefore much lower because the moisture is absorbed by the film structure without cooling. After a high-intensity sport, the wearer's body temperature returns to normal faster than when wearing traditional film fabrics - New Health Fitness HIGH2OUT works in harmony with the body's natural cooling system to ensure comfort.

Conclusion: New Health Fitness HIGH2OUT supports the body's own temperature regulation system:
In sports, liquid sweat is absorbed and evaporated near the body = comfortable cooling effect

After exercise, there is no sweat on the skin to allow the skin to cool during periods of inactivity = maintaining a comfortable skin temperature

How to maintain?
Xin Bao Shih HIGH2OUT fabrics can be maintained like other new Bao Shi clothes - clothes can be washed at 40 degrees water temperature. But be sure to follow the instructions on the maintenance instructions for maintenance.
The next steps are very important for the treatment of special durable drainage fabrics:

Because the new Baoshi HIGH2OUT has a water absorption layer, all zippers and buckles must be pulled to ensure that the lining is not washed. Dry cleaning using modern spray technology is recommended.

When maintaining the new Paul high2out shoes, to avoid the use of high oily shoe polish, because this will undermine the shoe's breathability.

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