Talking about Folk Customs and Natural Packaging Materials

Folk custom is a primitive and practical way of life. It does not belong to the purely spiritual field in the upper culture, and there is a big difference from pure spiritual art. To a large extent, they have the characteristics of a prototype of life. Their content is close to daily production and lifestyle. It reflects a variety of styles in form. It is simple and straightforward as a life prototype. For example, materials from nature give people a natural and natural form that gives people a pure natural spirit and material enjoyment. For example: wood, rattan, grass, leaves, bamboo, stems, etc., and their proximity to life, so that the folk customs and packaging materials retain the original features of the art, so the relationship between folk customs and people's lives are most close, Therefore, the aesthetics of folk customs and folk arts are completely different. It is an aesthetic creation that unites the pragmatic function of material with the aesthetic utilitarianism of the spirit.

1 The perfect combination of materials and functions

In the folk customs and culture of Chinese folk food, the most distinctive nephew has a strong representation. It is wrapped in glutinous rice wrapped in fragrant loquat leaves. The shape is a unique triangle. The outside is then tied with colored threads. It is very beautiful. During the cooking process, the natural fragrance of the eucalyptus leaves penetrated into the glutinous rice and formed a unique and delicious food. The food that perfectly combines this form and function has been passed down to the rich variety of foods today and is still loved by the majority of people. Visible in its packaging form of vitality. The writer Liu Zongyuan once described in his poems: “The green grass is wrapped in salt and the guest is green, and the green rice is wrapped in rice.” This is a true portrayal of the use of folk packaging materials at that time.

There is a saying in China: “I don’t know what kind of medicine is sold in gourds.” Similarly, the use of hoist load to hold wine has been widely used in ancient times. Gourd shell is hard, good protection, can play a good anti-corrosion moisture effect. Beautiful appearance, and easy to carry. Modern, gourd as a packaging material has been rarely used, but its favorite styling characteristics are often applied to product packaging design, such as bamboo, rattan, and grass are also commonly used as packaging materials. It originated earlier than pottery, but because these materials are easily corroded, it is difficult to preserve them in the earlier period. In the 20th century, in the 1950s and 1960s, a large number of bamboo woven pieces were found in the Neolithic site of Qianshan Mountain in Wuxing, Zhejiang. Among more than 200 artifacts, there are many varieties such as gongs, baskets, gongs, glutinous rice cakes, bamboo mats, farm implements and so on. Most of the bamboo weaving uses processed and scraped rayon to compile various patterns such as herringbone pattern, plum pattern, lozenge pattern and cross pattern, which indicates that people have long paid attention to the combination of practicality and aesthetics.

In the folk packaging products and living habits, the Ming Dynasty “Wild Works” [1] has recorded a wonderful method of protection against fragile packaging, such as when transporting porcelain and other products: “In the beginning At the time of sale, each device contained a small amount of sandy soil and bean and wheat, and dozens of stacks were bound together into a single piece, and the wetlands were often sprinkled with water. After a long period of time, the bean and wheat sprouts, and they were glued and solidified. It does not damage the person who leaves the vehicle [1]." This method uses the characteristics of the plant in the packaging design to the extreme, full of wisdom, exhilarating. In addition to these, hemp, wood, leather, etc. are often used as packaging materials. China is the hometown of silk, and silk is naturally used as a packaging material to make brocade bags and brocade boxes. It also has unique oriental features in color. As a folk packaging color comes from living customs, it is restricted by religious beliefs, resulting in people's psychological effects and associations. As people’s ways of thinking are deeply influenced by national culture, different societies, different environments, and different knowledge structures have brought about obvious differences between people and people and between peoples and nations [2]. Taking yellow as an example, the eastern representative is noble and beautiful, and Western Christianity is considered shameful; if red, the eastern symbolizes warmth, auspiciousness, and positiveness, while the West symbolizes sacrifice as a battle. Quality materials refer to the raw materials used in packaging design. Different eras, cultural backgrounds, and different regions have different choices for the use of packaging materials. Traditional packaging products in China use more natural materials. Packaging made of bamboo, wood, and paper is more intimate than metal and plastic. Traditional packaging culture provides humanity, local flavor, and natural flavor to our design.

2 The perfect combination of folk creation and function

Survival is the first requirement of human beings. To survive, we must improve our own living environment. We must have a variety of relationships with nature, produce, labor, and create a variety of products that we need. In order to meet the needs of survival and living, people are constantly fighting for basic survival materials and a safe and comfortable production and living environment. Therefore, the primary solution for creation is to preserve the essential necessities of natural life such as clothing, food, shelter, and use, that is, the basic needs of packaging, and to give full play to its material, practical and practical functions, so as to create better conditions for human survival. [3]. However, this practical satisfaction is not merely to achieve the most basic application. In order to improve the quality of survival, it is also necessary to have safer, more comfortable, and more convenient functions on the material of creation to meet people’s further requirements for practicality. Therefore, the creative material activities are more diverse and more reasonable, and the functions of use are fully utilized. Natural necessities become natural products to be added with decorative traces when they are exchanged. Therefore, the technical and material requirements for packaging are also evolving and become People's quest for practical functions, only people have different requirements to meet the practical, so that the creation of more diversified materials. In addition to maintaining the possession of basic survival materials of this existence, people also consciously add natural environmental protection factors [4]. The pursuit of such creations has prompted the expansion of the scope of human creation and made people It needs to be further satisfied so that the most basic survival needs can be better realized. In practical life, it includes two aspects: one is natural, the other is social, and the natural environment is an essential condition in the human instinct sense, and therefore less subject to other factors.

Therefore, natural materials as a purpose packaging design material is a complex humanistic environment subject to restrictions and constraints from the outside world. It includes a variety of political, economic, and cultural factors such as the comprehensive role of human factors and constraints, so that the creation of activities into people into a This complex situation has been deeply affected, thus making the purpose and connotation of creation activities more complicated.

With the rapid development of human society, modern packaging materials, contrary to the past with wood, straw, bamboo and other raw materials directly packaged products behind the appearance, but the use of high-tech new raw materials for deep processing, so that it has both Many characteristics of raw material packaging products, but also has more advantages than the original material packaging, such as resistance to pressure, bearing capacity, water resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, and its own light, reusable, large industrial production Feasibility, and more importantly, its economics.

3 Conclusion

In summary, natural packaging materials are first to satisfy the people's pursuit for survival and life. It is the most basic application of the public to the functionalities of packaging materials. The main ones are the physical and physical utility functions, which are the primary material properties. After the practical functions are fulfilled, other functions of the packaging material will also be realized. In the natural world, people will find many natural packaging materials. This is a self-protection method that some species have evolved in order to survive, and is a product of the ecological balance in nature. In the research and exploration of these natural packaging materials, human beings have gained rich inspiration and gradually created scientific and practical modern packaging from the viewpoint of bionics, and at the same time, they will inevitably create new national packaging styles.

Source: Packaging Project

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