The use of gray cardboard

Gray cardboard is also called tea cardboard.
A versatile cardboard.
The ration is generally above 120g/m2. Thicker and tighter.
The quality requirements for raw materials are low, and waste paper, semi-bleached pulp, and semi-chemical pulp can all be used.
Most of the use of circular paper machine papermaking.
The product can be sandwiched cardboard or homogeneous cardboard, and can also be used to produce noodle grey cardboard according to different quality requirements.
For the production of packaging boxes, paper tubes and so on.
Gray cardboard is produced from a recycled waste paper. Products are divided into single gray, double gray, all gray, are environmentally friendly packaging materials. All gray board derived products include: packaging boxes, advertising boards, bags, hardcover books, storage boxes, samples, liners, partitions and so on.       
Gray cardboard paper surface smooth, good stiffness, the same type, without leaving the layer, resistant to bending, the quality of high-grade paper quality mid-range paper prices.

The Toothbrush made of bamboo has the characteristics of toughness and wear resistance, softness and smoothness. The bamboo bristles cross section is covered with large and small oval pores, which can absorb and evaporate large amounts of water instantaneously.
The mixture of tea polyphenols in the compound brush contains lactic acid bacteria and other dental caries that can kill in the sew. It has the effect of inhibiting the activity of glucose polymerase, so that the glucose can not be polymerized on the bacteria table so that the bacteria can not be implanted on the teeth and the process of caries formation is interrupted.It is a biodegradable toothbrush that meets the requirements of green, environmental protection and low carbon.

Bamboo Toothbrush

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