Toy new favorite goes on the value-added route

Since the financial crisis, the situation in major markets has been confusing, and the toy industry is also in an awkward position. How traditional toys go out of the bottom of sales, how mainstream products can achieve value-added, and how new toys quickly seize the market has become the focus of attention in the industry. The reporter visited the major toy sales markets in Beijing and explored the value-added approach of the new favorite of toys.

●Anime value-added route

The heat of " Transformers 2" makes the classic lines of "Automobile, Deformation Start" once again spread all over the streets, and the Transformers series toys have also been upgraded from ordinary hot toys to a collectible. Optimus Prime, Megatron, Tin Sheet, and Starscream were successively picked up in a spotless collection. The Hornet was often out of stock.

From Altman to Winnie the Pooh, from Kung Fu Panda to robotic wrestling, from small keychains to large robotic toys, you can find almost all the anime memories in the toy market. According to random statistics, the reporter found that half of the hot-selling anime-themed toys are Japanese and Korean anime products, and the rest are mostly European and American series. There are only “Pleasant Goats” left alone in the country. A shop owner told reporters that professional cartoons have become more and more prominent in the market in recent years, and its follow-up product market share is also growing. Because the shipments per unit time are several times larger than usual, animation products are very attractive to dealers.

In the same market, there are hot-selling transformers, and there are also "seven-child" plush toys that are neglected. The same is the "superstar" that has come down from the movie screen. The seven children at this time have long since disappeared. The reason is very simple. "Hi new and tired of old" is one of the core consumer psychology of children; similarly, there are no best toys in the eyes of dealers, only better toys. The animation value-added route can make the toy "famous overnight", and it is also destined to quickly replace it. I believe that only classic anime works can create enduring anime toys .

Recommended shopping location: Beijing Sogo Department Store

●Thematic value-added route

The "Pleasant Goat and Gray Taro" toy series is perhaps the most common theme toy in 2009. The role-playing series of toys such as keyboard, self-assembled playground, bubble gun, nurse set and so on have made consumers overtake the "Pleasant Goat" addiction. In addition to the anime movie theme toys mentioned above, there are also magical themed toys, whole-person toys , and game-themed toys.

Since the "Magic Wind" has been blown up, there have been a variety of magic items on the toy market: magic poker, metal buckles, and magic kits with DVD teaching courses. The whole person's toys are even more strange, and the simulation gloves, electric shock gum, finger nails, and fart bags are all unexpected. Not to mention the popular psp game consoles , game themes such as Warcraft, Three Kingdoms, and Legends.

The biggest advantage of the theme toy is that it does not need to be restricted by the age market of children and adults. It does not need to deliberately distinguish the categories of plush, plastic and metal, which gives consumers a greater choice. Both adults and children can buy in the theme toy area without any restrictions, and even have the opportunity to meet the same favorite partners. The insiders analyzed that the theme toy market has unique emotional and cultural factors, which can satisfy the purchasing psychology of many people seeking new and different.

Recommended shopping location: Hongqiao Tianle Toy City

●High-tech value-added route

The surprises that high-tech brings to toys have always been dazzling and jaw-dropping. In 1878, Edison used a phonograph to make a doll that can talk and sing. The toy has since got rid of the silent world. Nowadays, from the thousands of robot toys to the plastic models that can be seen everywhere, high technology is indispensable.

At a toy counter, the reporter was attracted to a high-tech toy. I have seen all kinds of toy dogs, but I have never seen a toy that will grow up. According to the business operator, when you just brought the dog home, it is automatically set to the minimum number. As the owner cares, the puppy will grow up and learn to speak. Who can refuse the temptation of high technology when I see such a cute toy dog? In addition to this, there is a pet dog toy that screams like a dog's furry belly, how far the football remote control is, and a Barbie that can connect to the Internet to play music.

High technology sometimes brings new movements to our toys, sometimes with new materials. In the baby toy area, the reporter found a series of plastic toys with antibacterial materials to become hot products. A consumer told reporters that children, especially infants and young children, often lick and bite toys, and parents are more worried about whether the material of the toy is safe. New antibacterial material toys and environmentally friendly materials will make you feel more at ease. According to reports, in addition to antibacterial materials, memory materials, photochromic materials, as well as negative ion fiber environmental protection materials are high-tech to promote the development of new toys.

Recommended shopping location: Wangfujing New China Children's Products Store

●Creative value-added route

Creative toys can be regarded as the dark horse in the toy market in the past two years, but they have not yet formed but are highly praised. It promotes the reorganization and integration of different industries, different fields and toys through “crossing the border”. It can be said that creative toys are the future of toys and a new life of traditional toys.

When the reporter visited, it was discovered that Pino Archaeological is a popular commodity of the major toy cities. Only the phrase "take history and knowledge home" is enough to make people feel excited. According to the store's demonstration, the whole process of the game is an archaeological journey. Players can use tools to dig and splicing, coloring and repairing the excavated items. Whether it is a dinosaur, a terracotta warrior, a pottery, or an ancient fossil of animal and plant evolution, it is a treasure that is dug out. Repairing a complete finished product is a sense of accomplishment. These toys are suitable for children with hands-on ability and for children who are still childlike. Parents and children can increase their fun.

In Europe, there are often creative markets that offer creators a place to display and sell creative toys. In Beijing, it is not easy to find them in large toy shopping malls, but the small shops are definitely a good place to be creative. The reporter could not help but recommend the "Mu Mu" shop in Nanluoguxiang. There, you can find creative items such as “knife and fork people”, “light bulb people” and “fan people” made by the owner.

Recommended shopping location: Nanluoguxiang, Yantai Xiejie

● Puzzle value-added route

Nowadays, many office workers play educational toys that both exercise their brains and have long knowledge. In the combination of creativity and wisdom, people get a way to relieve stress. In the modern era, more and more people are paying attention to the knowledge and fun of toys.

In a website called "The Big Original Toy Room", the reporter saw a lot of educational toys, there are many kinds of toys suitable for multiplayer, single play, children play, adult play and so on. Today's toys are no longer patented by children, and many adults in the country have begun to play these toys with great interest. Like our familiar Rubik's Cube, with the development of technology, people's creativity is more and more, and the Rubik's Cube is no longer limited to the style of the previous rules. There are now a variety of shapes such as pineapple ball shape, scorpion shape, detachable, and even a line. There are a lot of guessing toys here. If you are a person who loves word games, then these toys will satisfy you. Nowadays, sci-fi futurism is popular in fashion, and educational toys are also following this trend. For example, some toys called "space ball" and "interstellar reverie" have both sci-fi shapes and people's thinking. mode. Disassembly is easy and assembly is difficult. In short, here, only you can't think of it, there is no fun.

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