Tray labeler completes bar code and RFID labeling for 120 trays per minute

A pallet labeling machine has the ability to handle 120 moving pallets per minute, and at the same time provides barcodes and RFID labels that meet the EU EAN bar code technology. Its design also meets the standards required by the Global Product Electronic Code Management Center.

The operation design of the machine is completely automated. No one needs to be at the operation site. The system has a wide range of self-detection and correction functions, including labeling location, bar code verification, and label presence detection.

Source: Global Flexible Packaging

The definition of new products from the three angles of enterprise, market and technology. For enterprises, the first production and sales of products are called new products on the market; but it is not the case, only the first occurrence of the product's new products; from a technical point of view, in the product structure, principle, function and form change the product called new product. Marketing of new products including the former three compositions, but pay more attention to the feelings and identity of consumers, it is from a holistic perspective to define the concept of products. Any part of the innovation, all products overall concept of improvement, will give consumers a new feel satisfied and the benefit of relatively new or absolutely new products are called new products.


The new product refers to new products using new technology principle, new design development and production, or in certain aspects of structure, material and technique than the original product is obviously improved, which significantly improves the product performance or the use of functional products. It includes the new products approved by the relevant departments of the government and within the period of validity, and also includes the new products developed by the enterprises themselves without the approval of the relevant departments of the government, within one year from the date of production. The direct contribution of science and technology output to economic growth.



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