Walking jiangbo essential zippo maintenance cheats

For more than 80 years, zippo has not only risen from an unknown brand to the classic symbol of American culture, but also is loved by heroes on all walks of life. Many heroes who like zippo will encounter such problems in the process of using them. Today, they will bring zippo daily maintenance cheats to heroes. Although the completion of this cheat can not add decades of skill, it is enough to understand and maintain your favorite weapons.

First, how to trim cotton core

The cotton core can be trimmed when the carbonization of the cotton core affects the hit rate. The method is to use a needle-nosed pliers to pull out the cotton core by about 1 cm, and cut off the carbonized part with scissors. The total length of the cotton core is 115mm, and it is no problem to trim 5~6 times. Generally, it can be trimmed once a year, and it can be used if it does not affect the use.

Therefore, the life of a cotton core is very long. If it is frequently trimmed, the total length of the cotton core will become shorter and shorter, and the contact area between the cotton core and the cotton in the liner will be less and less, and a new cotton core needs to be replaced.

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Second, the most simple way to solve the problem of loosening the liner

The looseness of the liner causes the liner to float up a little while the lid is open. It is very simple to solve this problem. Cut a small piece of common cold capsules into a small piece of 1cm*3cm, and then bend it at the tail for about 2mm (use this curved card to clip the gap between the tail of the small Z liner and the sponge), then Put it in the shell with the liner and get it!

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Third, the problem of fuel quantity

Many friends have asked about the problem of ZIPPO fueling. The fundamental reason is whether it is wasting oil. How is it suitable? Let us first understand the absorbent cotton ball. In fact, the cotton wool ball is like a sponge. The cotton fiber has adsorption to liquid, in ZIPPO. In the middle to fix the oil in the fuselage.

The amount of fuel is appropriate. In fact, there is no standard. I suggest that you increase your efforts. In the use of the machine that is usually very easy to use, when the fire is not good, the general situation needs to be refueled.

However, when you refuel, sometimes you need to add more for a period of time. It can only cause waste. When you refuel, due to the influence of gravity, the oil sinks on the top of the machine (the machine is inverted, that is, the windshield part), cotton. You can't see the oil on the ball. If you see the oil wet the cotton ball, you add more, the cotton ball absorbs the oil, and there is saturation. Then you put the body back into the case, and the bottom of the case will flow out of the oil. . Therefore, it is recommended to add less and less, so that the oil will be less volatile in the irrigation.

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Fourth, the maintenance method of various materials ZIPPO

1. Antique Zippo maintenance method

The classic antique machine is specially polished to give a nostalgic, antique feel. But the antique Zippo does not permanently retain the original state and wears out as it is used. When exposed to alcohol or lighter oil, the antique Zippo will soon begin to wear out. Therefore, when refueling, make sure that the outer shell of the antique Zippo does not touch the lighter oil.

2. Laser engraving Zippo maintenance method

For example, a brass lacquered Zippo with laser engraving technology, the brass part is exposed and tarnished. The method of maintenance is to use a soft cloth or rubbing with copper water.

3. Copper wire drawing Zippo maintenance method

The copper brushed face Zippo has a protective covering material to protect it from fading before use. This layer of coated material will wear out with normal use. Every Zippo is handmade, so the surface of each Zippo has subtle differences. Wiping with a “Scotch Brite” pad along the lines will protect the Zippo.

4. Brass Zippo maintenance method

Brass Zippo has a protective covering material to protect it from fading before use. This layer of coated material will wear out with normal use. The following methods are recommended for maintenance: for high-polished copper machines, a polish is used. For the copper machine with the brushed surface, use a "Scotch Brite" pad to wipe along the lines.

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5. Silver-plated Zippo maintenance method

The silver plating machine is easy to scratch or fade. Wipe gently with a soft cloth or with a silver polish.

6. Gold-plated Zippo maintenance method

Wipe the gold-plated part with a soft cloth or water or Zippo oil. Do not use abrasives.

7. Maintenance method of pipe Zippo

For maintenance purposes, the cap on the upper part of the combustion chamber of the pipe can be moved. Place the nail underneath any edge and move the cap.

8. Maintenance method of pure titanium Zippo

The pure titanium machine is made of first-class commercial pure titanium. The naturally occurring oil or sweat in use can cause a change in its appearance, making the appearance of your pure titanium Zippo look different.

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