Why does Google Glass increase memory?

As a cutting-edge electronic product, Google Glass has been favored by a large number of users since it was listed. Since its listing in April 2014, its sales volume has been one of the highest in the market, and Google’s products have been listed for just two months. , quickly upgrade, increase the memory from 1G to 2G, Google so "impatient" what happened?
It is understood that the unenhanced Google glasses, although powerful, but many users reflect its small memory, cache a long time, not only limited storage, but also have some limitations in use. In response to the customer's market reaction, Google made timely adjustments and expanded to 2G of memory to effectively improve the performance of the original product and provide consumers with more convenient and efficient experiences.
Wu Jun, a founder of the company, said that the increase in memory of Google Glass was affected by the overall market, and the current update of related electronic products is rapidly swift, and in order to establish a permanent status in the market. It needs to meet the market demand from time to time, closely follow the pace of the market, to avoid being eliminated, the mobile phone brand Nokia, film brand Kodak, many once the "digital top brand" left the altar, but also let Google see the lesson. For long-term development, timely adjustment is critical.
Not only has Google Glass increased its memory significantly, it has also brought together many fashionable features on the market. For long-term development, it is necessary to fully cater to the needs of market consumers, launch new functions and increase new performance from time to time, so as to avoid other brands from catching up and attract more consumers' attention. Experts believe that increasing the memory of Google Glass is a general trend, which is also a necessary measure for the brand to establish a foothold in the market.
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