Yachang develops Yaying printing technology

Yaying is a new printing technology developed for high-end black and white imaging products based on the traditional black, blue, red and yellow offset printing technology. The four colors are BK (extra black), CK (blue and black) and MK (red Black), YK (Yellow Black), the ink used is specially developed by Yachang.

Yaying is called "Sepiana Showing" in English. Sepiana is a combination of Sepia and ana. Sepia means cuttlefish in Greek. In modern times, photographers who pursue classical literary atmosphere still like to use Sepia to call artistic black and white images. ana is to beautify the pronunciation and expand the connotation. Showing not only embodies the meaning of reproduction, but also expresses the meaning of "ying" well. The design of the entire Yaying logo continues the design style of the Yayi logo, which is convenient for the unity of Yachang's technical product image. The color of the logo is composed of the basic colors of Yaying ink, which means "black and white interpretation of classics".

Yaying Printing Technology
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Yaying printing technology mainly has the following characteristics:

1. The screen preview color is more accurate:

It can more intuitively and effectively preview and pre-process colors before printing, and can flexibly adjust the warm and cold colors of printed products according to customer needs.

2. Black and white colors are more pure:

Yaying inks are spot color inks. Compared to traditional four-color printing, Yaying ’s products have no color noise, and will not cause black and white prints to be impure due to traditional printing process problems. [next]

3. The image layer is richer:

In Yaying's color management process, when image processing is performed before printing, the K version is compensated to maintain the original image level details.

4. The printing quality is more stable:

In the printing process, the gray balance control of the traditional four-color process is difficult to control the gray balance due to the difference of dot reduction and dot expansion rate between C, M, and Y, and Yaying technology solves this problem. The level control of CK, MK, YK can achieve the ideal gray.

Since 2008, the technology research and development department has developed Yayi technology and Yaying technology, which are based on the traditional four-color printing theory and developed four-color printing method, but the color gamut space of Yayi far exceeds the traditional four-color The color gamut space of printing, and Yaying's expressive power for black and white images far exceeds the traditional four-color printing method.

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