Zhongshan Xinhongye launches laser-cutting flexible packaging bag easy tearing line device

The device uses laser technology to cut easy tear lines on flexible bags. Its processing method is to use a laser beam, and by focusing on the design of a good tearing line evenly cut a thin line only a few microns in depth, the line breaks the outer packaging of the composite film, retaining the inner packaging, both Without breaking the packaging function, it can tear the bag opening regularly along the easy tear line when tearing. For details, please click on the main product column.

With the promotion of laser technology in the bag making industry, this will certainly enrich the variety of flexible packaging and greatly facilitate consumers. Our company's application laboratory and customer service center will provide process development and timely technical support for your products at any time. We are willing to assist you in the leading position in market competition.

Source: Reed International Softpack Exhibition

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Toys Tube Box

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