The use of achromatic color in packaging design

Abstract : This paper discusses the importance of color in the design of packaging, such as the cooperation between black and white, gray, gold and silver and other colors. And the mutual arrangement relationship between achromatic colors. The use of achromatic color on packaging is very important for rich packaging design effects.

Keywords: achromatic; style; harmonic; simple

The color of nature changes endlessly. Through long-term life experiences, people have intentionally or unintentionally formed the ability to judge and feel the packaging of goods based on color. The packaging color not only enhances consumers' aesthetic pleasure, but also stimulates consumers' desire to purchase, enriches their imagination and molds the minds of customers. What really makes us feel the value of color in packaging design. Color, as a visual language to express emotion, has become a subject that packaging designers must study.

1 The importance of packaging colors

Every time we step into the market and supermarkets, we face a wide variety of goods on the shelves. Each piece presents beautiful shapes and vivid colors. We are more attracted to those packagings with strong colors. This is the role of packaging colors. . It attracts people's attention and helps consumers to generate awareness and association with the product, which in turn stimulates the desire for purchase. The effect of product packaging design depends to a large extent on the use of color, because color is a theme that enhances Products that make it easy for consumers to identify goods all play an important role.

Packaging is the appearance of a product. Color is the most appealing factor and attracts customers. Since ancient times, people have realized that color has a pioneering effect. Imagine if the packaging does not use color, its artistic aesthetics will certainly be greatly weakened, because the color has a strong visual appeal and expressive force on modern commodity packages, but it does not mean that the colors on the packaging are as bright as possible and different colors. The psychological and physiological effects on people are different. Different commodities also have different characteristics. The packaging design itself is particularly concerned with the taste of color, and it depends on the overall configuration of color. The configuration between colors can produce a variety of different styles. Reflect the characteristics of various commodities, the color of the various styles. Each has its own specificity. With the in-depth study of color, the color style becomes more and more subtle. Therefore, the use of packaging colors should be just right to create a special, artistic and harmonious harmony.

2 The use of colorless in packaging design

In the use of packaging design colors, achromatic, black, white, gray, gold and silver are often used as neutral colors. As opposed to chromatic, it has no obvious hue deviation, so it is also called an achromatic color, and any one of them is harmonized with any of the colors. So, in the packaging design color. When conflicts occur between two colors, achromatic colors are often used to make them interconnected and harmonized. In achromatic, black and white are two extreme colors. Black gives people solemn, solemn and introverted positive effects. Most people retain special feelings about black. It occupies an important position in packaging design, although it is generally not appropriate. It is used in large areas, but it is almost a color that is hardly missing in color combinations. White has a sense of launch and expansion, giving people a clear and breathable feeling. It is symbolic of purity, purity, and briskness, while whiteness also has duality. Gray as a neutral color, with soft and changeable features, ordinary, gentle symbol, there are hints of intrinsic meaning such as void, ethereal, golden mean, etc., can also play a complementary, buffer, strong, and reconcile role. Although grayscale processing is much more complicated than black-and-white processing, it varies from light gray to dark gray, which increases the level of the picture and makes the packaging more informative and decorative. III. The gold and silver due to its own unique gloss and price, coupled with long-term use for palace decoration, high-end living supplies, formed a symbol of noble, elegant, luxurious. Gold and silver are shining brightness, but also can play a role in harmonizing various colors, is commonly used in the design of decorative colors and decorative colors.

In many commodity packaging designs, most of them attract consumers' attention with bright colors and eye-catching colors, because rich colors convey different tastes and display different quality styles and decorative charms. But packaging design is a kind of modeling activity. Pursuing the design language is purely a designer's pursuit. They want to use a unique perspective to get rid of the noisy, complicated and colorful techniques in the design and actively seek out the rationality of color design. Simplicity, but the modern packaging design emphasizes the use of color is no coincidence, the use of color is increasingly concise, in order to obtain unique results. Based on the mastery of customary colors, designers are pioneering in the use of color, and pursuing simplicity and pursuing artistry on the screen are the only way to design innovation. We can extract pure neutral colors from other paintings, dyeing and weaving, ceramics, etc., and we can use color innovations and inspirations from the inspiration of the society and the universe to break conventional colors. Make full use of the attributes of color to reflect the extraordinary design. The choice and combination of colors is very important in packaging design. It is often the key to determine the pros and cons of packaging design. Pursuing the reconciliation, refinement, and simplicity of packaging colors is essentially to avoid the excessive use of color on the packaging. The gorgeousness and prosperousness of the world may not be pleasing to the eye. Instead, it gives the impression that people are dazzled. The proper use of simple color language can better reflect the designer's ability to control color and maximize the potential of color, under the influence of minimalism. To get rid of the shackles of the inherent attributes of traditional colors, and combine the modern packaging design theory with the attributes of the goods, packaging using gold, silver, black, white, and gray in colorless design will make the design even more timeless. The special nature of the achromatic system provides a stage for the full display of charm for the packaging design of many products. The use of gold and silver in the design helps to enhance the gloss effect, and can enrich the changes in space and level, because gold and silver have a strong reflective ability and keen characteristics. Under different angles and different effects of gloss, different colors appear, and proper use will enhance the brilliance, coherence and mystery of the goods. Its special materials and effects can reflect the gorgeous and rich packaging of the goods. Play an active role in the picture. The simple extraction and application of achromatic color help to strengthen the characteristics of the product, help improve the quality and grade of the product, and enhance the sense of the times and personality of the product.

The colors have distinct appearance attributes, and the achromatic colors of gold, silver, black, white, and gray also have a certain color meaning. In fact, achromatic colors have already formed their own complete color properties in people's minds, and soon People accept it as the eternal fashion color. Of course, in many packaging designs with achromatic color as the main body, some colors with high purity are often adorned during the period. On the one hand, they appear to have a certain contrast effect with achromatic color. On the other hand, it is to enhance the color of the subject, such as the dynasty wine packaging designed by Chen Nan, the white color of the achromatic color is used as the bottom, and the black and gold color matching pattern constitutes a color. The package gives people a feeling of simplicity and elegance. The interaction between achromatic and chromatic colors is undoubtedly a very important means for enriching the color effect of commodity packaging.

3 Conclusion

The function of packaging design is promotion, and the exquisite design is conducive to sales. For packaging design to be successful, the design is not only better, but also more refined, simpler, and more special. Perhaps the eye-catching aspect of the design lies in the elegance and dignity of the tradition. Perhaps the success lies in the quiet, simple and elegant things in the colorful environment. Perhaps what is unique is a new style. There are many aspects that need designers to consider. . The packaging design is based on continuous efforts to explore and explore the pursuit of the good feelings of human life. Color is extremely valuable. It has the most direct and important impact on our expression of thoughts, interests, and hobbies. Grasp the color feel design, create a beautiful package, enrich the life, more time needed. The packaging of achromatic design is just like the tranquility of the noise in the world. Its elegance, simplicity and calmness make people enjoy acid, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty. Reminiscent of another refreshing, elegant fragrance, their indisputable attributes will be eternal charm in the packaging design.

Hu Hongzhong, Wuyunchang University

Source: Packaging Project

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