How to choose the overall wardrobe material how to choose the right wardrobe

Wardrobes are generally divided into single door, double door, embedded, etc., which is one of the commonly used furniture for the family. Xiaobian teaches you how to look at the overall wardrobe material.

Wardrobe material selection ranking

The first place, composite solid wood, moisture-proof board, solid wood paint-free board is both moisture-proof, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. National cabinet products have experienced more than ten years of development. More than ten years of experience is enough to determine that the moisture-proof panels for wardrobes are the best choice. The moisture-proof panels of cabinets can be used in heavy humid environments to show their high quality. Due to the brittleness of the board, the requirements for production equipment are higher. Nowadays, the wall of the new home will be decorated with a small amount of water. The whole wardrobe will not be able to ventilate the back part of the wardrobe and need a plate with better moisture resistance. The moisture-proof board is immersed in water due to the long-fiber of wood and the green moisture-proof agent soaked to a certain extent and no longer expands. Therefore, most of the brand cabinets use the moisture-proof board as the main material of the cabinet.

The second place, the regular manufacturer of particleboard and MDF, the same material produced by the particle board is more environmentally friendly than the MDF. In fact, the simple molding of wood does not require glue and environmental protection is definitely nothing to say. If the amount of glue used to cut into 1 piece and 5 pieces is not the same, the less glue is, the more environmentally friendly. MDF is also called MDF. It is made of wood powder. The flatness is better. It is more suitable for boring and milling. It is usually used to make stencils such as paint blister. In addition, the MDF material is less prone to blasting when it is softer, and it is easier to process. Therefore, many small factories use medium denier. Moisture-proof performance, the moisture resistance of the particle board relative to the moisture-proof board is very poor. If the green core moisture-proofing agent is in a humid environment for a long time, the wood is prone to mold and corrosion. The raw material of the MDF is wood powder. The medium density board is soaked in water and will swell like a cake.

Third place, small factory low-cost production of particle board Most small manufacturers consider the cost of the use of particle board, that is, solid wood particle board using ordinary glue cost is the lowest among the three materials. The fourth place, the ecological board (referring to the ecological board produced by the small workshop), the large core board or the sandwich board plus the double-sided paste, the quality of the sandwich surface. The sandwich board is commonly known as the blockboard, and the wood board is a plywood with a solid wood core. The force of cutting the logs into strips and splicing into the outer surface of the core is from the thin two layers of the outer veneer. The middle of the veneer is spliced ​​and the substrate is basically unstressed and easily broken and deformed. Most of the plates used in this kind of plate are made of fir for one or two years, and the nails can be broken by several fingers, which is several times lower than the national standard.

In terms of environmental protection, the advantage of the eco-board is that the substrate looks good and it feels like wooden blocks. The name of the eco-board is also very nice and environmentally friendly. As we all know, the environmental protection standard of the board is mainly glue, and the cost of the environmentally-friendly E0E1 glue is very high. The small-scale factory will never use this kind of environmentally friendly glue, all of which use industrial glue, and the cost is relatively low. Almost all large-scale brands in the national furniture market will not use ecological boards or fir boards. Before 2005, almost all the new houses were decorated with sandwich panels, almost all of which exceeded the standard. Since the rise of the large wardrobe brand, the use of moisture-proof panels and MDF has rarely heard environmental standards.

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